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Have you started using Microsoft’s generative AI solution, Copilot? You may have noticed the new icon on your computer and in your Microsoft apps. Copilot, originally referred to as Bing Chat, is Microsoft’s answer to ChatGPT. The free version of Copilot functions much like ChatGPT. Their paid version, Copilot Pro, can be tied into all of your MS applications, using your specific data for more customized output.

What is Microsoft CoPilot?

What Is Copilot

Microsoft bills Copilot as an AI companion, but for a more in-depth understanding of what it really is, PC Mag explains:

“Copilot is a conversational chat interface that lets you search for specific information, generate text such as emails and summaries, and create images based on text prompts you write. For example, if you type in, “Summarize this memo in two sentences,” Copilot will do just that by giving you a concise written summary in the chat interface below your request. Ditto for images when you describe what you want it to draw. You can even ask Copilot to write code in many widely used computer languages, including JavaScript, C, and Python.”

What Does Microsoft CoPilot Do?

MS copilot for business

No matter how you use Copilot, the idea behind particularly the Copilot Pro subscription, according to Microsoft, is to increase productivity and improve customer experience. From using prompts to automate repetitive tasks to analyzing code to summarizing meeting content to writing emails, Copilot Pro is designed to help staff focus on the more skilled tasks their talents are needed for while reducing the busywork that comes with their roles.

copilot in excel

Microsoft has also announced Microsoft Business Chat. Microsoft Business Chat “works across the LLM, the Microsoft 365 apps, and your data — your calendar, emails, chats, documents, meetings and contacts — to do things you’ve never been able to do before. You can give it natural language prompts like ‘Tell my team how we updated the product strategy,’ and it will generate a status update based on the morning’s meetings, emails and chat threads.” Microsoft Business Chat can be accessed from Teams or from Microsoft

Is Microsoft Copilot Better than Chat GPT?

Microsoft Copilot is considered a more powerful AI solution. Not only is it purposefully designed for business, but it is more than just a language learning model (LLM). Microsoft explains, “Copilot doesn’t just connect ChatGPT with Microsoft 365; it combines the power of large language models (LLMs) with your data in the Microsoft Graph (including your calendar, emails, chats, documents, meetings, and more) and the Microsoft 365 apps to turn your words into the most powerful productivity tool on the planet.”

In a conversation with Copilot on Bing, we asked if Copilot was better than ChatGPT, and while both are powerful in their own way, the accuracy of ChatGPT was called into question:

“Accuracy Comparison: I tested both on a simple math question: “I have 5 oranges today; I ate 3 oranges last week. How many oranges do I have left?”

ChatGPT (using GPT-3.5) gave the wrong answer.

Microsoft Copilot and Gemini (Google’s rebranded Bard) provided the correct answer: five oranges.”

Is Microsoft Copilot Safe to Use for Business?

Copilot Pro is capable of using your company data to provide more personalized results, and while Copilot for Microsoft 365 promises to ensure the privacy and security of your data, the safety protocols will only be effective if you already have security controls established and working appropriately.

Copilot and Data Security

For example, if you do not work with your MSP prior to deploying Microsoft Copilot, your sales team may inadvertently use Copilot to pull confidential data (payroll records, client account information) from the financial department. This could happen because Copilot can pull data from any location to which the user has access when using their Microsoft 365 account.

Working with your MSP, you can set the proper data parameters and security controls so that users can only access the information necessary to perform their jobs. There is no avoiding the disruption of AI; all you can do is make decisions about its use that reflect your strict data security standards and privacy-first approach.

Business Cases for Using Copilot in your Calgary Business

Copilot in word

Copilot for Microsoft 365 is designed to enhance collaboration, making your team more productive. There are many business-use cases where your organization may find Copilot useful and capable of delivering more efficiency for your business. For example:

Meeting and Report Summaries. During Microsoft Teams meetings, you can prompt Copilot to summarize previous and current meeting discussions. You can also search for a specific topic within a conversation or in your emails and Copilot can pull up the information by means of a rapid data search. Copilot can also summarize memos and reports.

copilot chat

Explanations and Information. Copilot can answer simple questions about how things work. For example, we asked Copilot: “How do servers work to store data?”

The Copilot response was:

Servers store data by using a combination of hardware and software to manage, secure, and facilitate access to data. Here’s a simplified explanation:

Storage Server: A storage server, also known as a file server, is a specialized type of server used for storing, securing, and managing data and applications1. This server is designed primarily to store and facilitate access to data through the internet or over a shared network1.

Types of Storage Servers: Storage servers are categorized into two types: dedicated and non-dedicated servers1. Dedicated servers are specifically designed for file servers, with workstations utilized for reading and writing databases and files1. In contrast, non-dedicated servers can store a wide range of data, from day-to-day files to application repositories1.

Cloud Storage: Cloud Storage is a mode of computer data storage in which digital data is stored on servers in off-site locations2. The servers are maintained by a third-party provider who is responsible for hosting, managing, and securing data stored on its infrastructure2. The provider ensures that data on its servers is always accessible via public or private internet connections2.

Data Access: Remote computers and local client nodes connect to the storage server through protocols like FTP (file transfer protocol) and GUI control panels, or programmatically through API access1.

Data Redundancy: To maintain availability and provide redundancy, cloud providers will often spread data to multiple virtual machines in data centers located across the world.

Remember, this is a simplified explanation. The actual process involves more complex systems and technologies. If you need more detailed information, I recommend reading more about it from reliable sources or taking a course in computer science or IT.

Data Analytics. By accessing the information on your network, Copilot can help your team create proposals for potential customers. Data will not be automatically accessed without specific authorization from the user, but you can set up connections for data extraction that can then be used for analytics, proposals, and more. The user will need to identify the data sources Copilot should use, enable connections so that Copilot can extract the data (structured and unstructured), and then use Copilot’s data analysis tools. Copilot can analyze data from a spreadsheet and provide you with needed financial information, such as gross revenues.

Coding Support. Copilot can analyze pages of code to find errors, make suggestions about lines of code, and even write code in various programming languages, such as JavaScript, C, and Python. When queried, Copilot revealed:

Copilot analyzes billions of lines of public code using advanced machine learning techniques. It generates context-relevant recommendations, helping programmers write code more efficiently. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced developer, Copilot assists with code snippets, function implementations, and more.

Image Creation. Copilot can create images like the one below. You simply provide the image parameters – in this case, a strawberry riding a unicorn – and Copilot will present you with additional parameters and several image options.

AI image created with Copilot on Windows 11

Image created using Copilot in Windows 11

Where Can You Experiment with Copilot?

Copilot Website: Visit

Windows Sidebar: Copilot in Windows has limited functionality, but it can answer questions, generate images, and help you change settings.

Bing Search and Bing Mobile App: Copilot works seamlessly with Bing, allowing you to switch between AI and regular search.

There is no doubt that generative AI is going to transform the way we work. As with any technology, the most important consideration is the protection of your data.

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