With over 20 years of experience in the Oil and Gas Sector, The ITeam – in collaboration with our energy clients – have designed a comprehensive service offering to deliver superior results.  Whether your company is in the upstream, midstream, or downstream market, proprietary data is business critical and The ITeam knows how to protect it! Along with IT industry best practice, The ITeam’s Oil and Gas experience is extensive and we have experience in many industry specific software packages including Exploration & Production, GIS Mapping, Accounting, Office Productivity suites, and everything in-between. We know what works for our Energy Clients and we leverage our industry specific expertise to offer everything on a fixed monthly price.

Experiencing persistent problems with your oil & gas  software?

Our client IT manager works with your oil & gas software vendors on your behalf to resolve these problems behind the scenes, allowing you to focus your resources on what matters most for your business.

Rising, unpredictable, and unexplainable IT Costs?

The ITeam’s Simple pricing plans provides both cost certainty and visibility – one monthly fee for all your IT needs.

Are badly needed upgrades being delayed by high consulting fees?

Our Managed Services plan includes a “Virtual Chief Information Officer” service; let us leverage our expertise and resources to recommend the best solutions.

Experiencing costly delays and downtime when problems occur?

We provide a 1hour or less response guarantee on critical issues and our technicians have over 130 years of collective experience – there’s no problem we can’t handle! In addition, our ITeam Central proactive monitoring and preventative maintenance systems ensure that your IT assets are up and there for you… no matter what!

Concerned about the security of your information? How sure are you that patient information is properly protected and secured?

Our network security experts deploy tier-1 security hardware and software to protect your patient’s information. Secure, off-site backup solutions provide peace of mind.