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Oil and Gas Companies in Calgary

Looking for IT Support for Your Oil and Gas Company?

The oil and gas industry faces unique challenges in maintaining a seamless infrastructure and keeping private data secure.

With more than 20 years of experience, The ITeam has collaborated with energy clients to create the perfect package for those in the oil and gas industry in Calgary, AB.

Whether your company is in the upstream, midstream, or downstream market, proprietary data is critical and The ITeam knows how to protect it!

With investors and clients relying heavily on the energy sector to function reliably, you need a partner like The ITeam to ensure that there is never downtime that could pose a business and security risk.

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What is Corporate IT Support?

Corporate IT support is unique to traditional technology needs, and those within the oil and gas industry should not go without.

The energy sector is becoming more tempting for hackers every day, with attacks on integrated operations that can disrupt production and distribution.

It’s also important for those in the oil and gas industry to recognize that poor maintenance can damage your business and the environment.

Is your company facing IT challenges that are consuming too much of your resources?

A lack of the right IT support might lead to unwanted challenges including:

  • Persistent problems with oil and gas software
  • Delayed upgrades that pose security and operational risks
  • Rising unpredictable and unexplainable IT costs
  • Concerns regarding the security of private data

The ITeam solves these challenges by offering proactive monitoring, preventative maintenance, and impressive response times to any concerns.

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The ITeam’s Managed IT Services for Oil & Gas Industry

Our IT professionals have extensive knowledge in working with companies in the Oil and Gas industry in Calgary.

Our team can provide you with the following services and developing a package that offers everything you need at a fixed monthly rate.

It’s critical to recognize that mainstream IT support is not enough.

The ITeam has extensive experience in providing IT support to the Oil & Gas Industry in Calgary.

  • 24/7 monitoring of the critical health status of devices and applications.
  • Maximizing network availability to ensure uptime.
  • Strong service management provided through best practices based on more than 130 years of IT experience.
  • Unlimited support and maintenance services for identified items.
  • Priority call response for identified items (maximum one hour during normal business hours).
  • Preventative maintenance of all identified items (i.e. patch management, firmware updates and application updates).
  • Our support plans include Regular Business Hour and Emergency Support.
  • Comprehensive reporting includes reviews of calls, activities, performance trends and projects.
  • Virtual CIO provides consultation on issues relating to capacity planning, remediation of chronic or recurring issues, budgeting and IT strategy planning.
  • Asset management including Software License renewals, Hardware contract management, ISP/Domain management and warranty administration.
  • Annual security reviews of your network with recommendations for necessary adjustments and additions to the network and system security.
  • Experienced in supporting industry standard oil & gas exploration, accounting, and office productivity.

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Aside from Your Monthly Packages, Our Managed IT Services Include

Annual Security Reviews

We provide annual security reviews, in which the security of the client’s network is tested and reviewed.

A valuable report with recommendations is provided, and The ITeam is available to assist in making necessary adjustments.

This report will help improve your network and system security to offer reliability and peace of mind.

Risk Mitigation Solutions

The oil and gas industry faces critical challenges that demand expert around the clock  IT support.

In an industry that is constantly in flux, the last thing your organization needs to worry about is the capabilities and security of your network.

It is vital that the energy sector is always up and running because any downtime can result in financial loss and poor cybersecurity.

Very few companies are prepared to mitigate the risks that exist, particularly when there is potential for large-scale disruption.

Our team will work with you to ensure that your systems are secure and running properly.

Effective monitoring prioritizes threat prevention as well as functional digital systems that protect the investments of all involved.

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Why Choose The ITeam?

The ITeam has extensive experience in providing IT support to the Oil & Gas Industry in Calgary

Benefits to our energy IT solutions include:

  • Guaranteed Uptime at a Fixed Cost
    Downtime triggered by malfunctioning systems could lead to costly delays.

    Our simple plans offer visibility into IT support specific to the oil and gas industry, focusing resources at a fixed cost so there are never any surprises.

    Your infrastructure will remain reliable and secure at all time.
  • Necessary Staff Training
    Sustaining profitable operations is crucial to the oil and gas industry, and technological advancements have considerably advanced what the energy sector is capable of.

    However, these improvements to the industry mean that IT support is an essential, not an add-on.

    The ITeam can assist your staff in maintaining all systems, recognizing threats to security, and supporting operations that handle global commodities.
  • 24/7 IT Support
    With the continuous changes in offshore physical locations, as well as onsite databases, the oil and gas industry is at a pivotal point in establishing secure systems and effectively managing risk.

    As a business in the energy sector, you can’t afford downtime or threats to proprietary data.

    Our team offers support to guarantee that your business is running at top performance.Our IT professionals are always ready to prevent and respond to any challenges you may face.
  • Extensive Oil and Gas Experience
    The ITeam’s Oil and Gas knowledge is extensive, with expertise in many industry-specific software packages like:

    • Exploration & Production
    • GIS Mapping
    • Accounting
    • Office Productivity suites

    We know what works for our energy clients and our corporate IT professionals use their exclusive skills to meet the individual needs of your business.

  • Award Winning Team
    The ITeam is an industry leader in corporate IT support, with packages created specifically for the energy sector.

    There are millions of people relying on your operations, and The ITeam manages your IT infrastructure so that you can focus on serving your clients.

    With several years of experience and seasoned professionals on-call 24/7, there’s not a single problem The ITeam can’t handle.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. We have over 20 years of experience working with oil and gas companies in Calgary. Our client IT manager will work with your dental software vendors to resolve any problems you might encounter. This allows you to focus your resources on what matters most for your practice.


The ITeam offers a simple flat-rate monthly pricing plan for all your IT needs. This structure provides both cost certainty and visibility.


Our Managed Services plan includes a “Virtual Chief Information Officer” service. Our team will provide consultation on chronic or recurring issues, budgeting and IT strategy planning while recommending the best solutions for your practice.

We provide a one-hour or less response guarantee on critical issues. Our technicians have over 130 years of collective experience – this means that there is nothing we cannot handle! In addition, our ITeam Central provides proactive monitoring and preventative maintenance to ensure that your IT assets are up and running no matter what.

Our network security experts deploy tier-1 security hardware and software to protect your patient’s information. We also offer secure off-site backup solutions to provide peace of mind.