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Cyber Security Calgary

IT security is the foundation of trust between any organization and its customers.

Being able to promise your customers that their data is secure is extremely important.

Without it, you are at risk of more than just financial loss.

  • You can lose customer loyalty.
  • You can lose your brand reputation.
  • You can – and many small businesses often do – lose your entire business.

More than half of all Canadians reported experiencing at least one cyberattack, and 68% report that cyberattacks are on the rise.

With more than 60% of small businesses folding as a result of the cyberattack, cybersecurity is more important than ever for Calgary businesses.

Imagine the impact on your employees should a security issue cause you to go out of business or force you to pay exorbitant fines.

The result may be that you have to reduce your staff or become one of the 60% of organizations that never recovers.

Having a managed IT security service partner enables you to stay one step ahead of cybercriminals.

Our managed services can serve in place of your own internal IT department, or we can work side-by-side to support your existing IT leadership.

IT Security Training Calgary

You can implement state-of-the-art security, but if you don’t couple that with extensive and ongoing employee training, it may all be for nothing.

So many data breaches occur because a single phishing email made it through, landed on the desk of an unsuspecting employee who clicked the link that allowed the ransomware in.

Your employees are your last line of defence – and without proper training, your weakest link.

The ITeam provides training and testing to keep your employees aware of the risk and vigilant.

We offer extensive employee training, including phishing training, email security training, and Microsoft Teams training.

We also send out a monthly newsletter with tech tips and important news about current threats or solutions.

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Customized IT Solutions

One size does not fit all. In light of this, we provide in-depth assessments to clients in all industries. Above all, we personalize our services to meet your needs.

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Since 1996, The ITeam has been unquestionably serving Calgary businesses with integrity and commitment. We deliver the highest level of excellence possible.

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managed IT security services in CalgaryAt The ITeam, we believe the only way an organization remains cyber secure is by remaining vigilant and proactive.

To achieve this, we take a multi-layered approach to cybersecurity by employing state-of-the-art detection, prevention, and training tools to keep your data safe, secure, and out of the hands of hackers.

Without proper cybersecurity in place, businesses leave their data at risk to sophisticated attacks – many of which play on human emotion and exploit human weakness to achieve their goals.

To help prevent attacks from ever reaching that point, The ITeam offers a variety of cybersecurity measures. These include:

  • Antivirus

    Put a barrier between your data and the cybercriminals trying to take it.

  • Email Filtering

    Even with all of the information about phishing and spoofed emails serving as a warning, people still click. Email filtering keeps most of those emails out.

  • DNS-Level Security

    Stop malware before it ever gets to your network

  • Endpoint Security

    Reduce detection and response time and minimize threats targeting employees and endpoints.

  • Next-Gen Firewalls

    A next-generation firewall (NGFW) is a highly sophisticated hardware and software solution that detects and blocks attacks to keep your data safe.

  • 24/7 Monitoring & Alerting

    Remote monitoring of client systems and proactive alerting of potential issues before they become critical

  • Risk Assessments

    It’s impossible to be proactive in your approach to cybersecurity if you don’t perform risk assessments, identify threats, and adjust your strategy accordingly.



The ITeam offers flat-rate monthly managed IT services.

Our team can help you avoid unexpected capital expenditures. Then you can invest in other business needs.


Without a doubt, business continuity is crucial for continued growth.

We monitor and support around the clock to ensure uptime in case of unexpected IT network failures.


Proactive IT management leads to more reliability.

A managed IT security service provider can detect issues before they are problems and prevent them from becoming worse.


Work with us in 5 simple steps

  • STEP 1: Initial Request

    Fill in the Business Assessment form below with your information

  • STEP 2: Business Assessment & Audit

    One of our IT professionals will respond to you within 24 hours to schedule a time to audit your IT environment using network discovery tools.

    We will also schedule to meet with your business stakeholders to assess your goals and current gaps.

  • STEP 3: Report Delivery

    The ITeam will deliver the results of your assessment, which will include:

    • Our findings
    • Estimated costs to remediate the current environment should there be any gaps
    • Estimated costs to achieve any new goals as outlined by management.

    Our team will also provide you with an ongoing Managed Services package in your report based on your business needs. This is offered at a monthly fixed rate to support your IT environment once remediation is complete.

  • STEP 4: Implementation

    Should you choose to move forward, the remediation project will be completed.

  • STEP 5: On-going Management

    Enter into the day to day support and security management cycle with our Managed IT Services package.

The ITeam is Calgary’s leading source for Managed IT support and cloud services. We have been both recognized among the world’s 501 most strategic and innovative managed service providers (MSPs) by Channel Futures and named one of the CDN Top 100 Solution Providers by Computer Dealer News (CDN). Additionally, we have been named a 2020 SMB Global Hot 100. 


Our team partners with your organization to extend your cybersecurity efforts with comprehensive tools, training, and monitoring to detect and prevent threats.

In addition to our in-house experts who are available to provide support and guidance, we also employ the use of tools and systems that ensure you are fully protected, including partnerships with KnowBe4, SonicWall, and Veeam.

Frequently Asked Questions

A Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) partners with your organization to provide support to your organization’s efforts to protect data, intellectual property, and remain compliant with various governmental guidelines.

We do this by providing ongoing training and guidance, IT strategy consultation and recommendations, off-site backup and robust recovery solutions, and state-of-the-art technical solutions that both detect and prevent threats.

MSS stands for managed security services. It is a comprehensive solution to protect your business from the growing threat from cyberattacks.

Cybersecurity services are services designed to protect your network from outside and inside threats that would result in a data breach.

Good cybersecurity practices are comprehensive and take into account every access point to your network and include robust offsite backup and disaster recovery solutions.