Client Testimonials

“This is the best IT support we have ever had!”

Stephany Allard
Office Operations Manager
United Roofing Inc.

“The ITeam is like an extension of what we do here at our Dental Clinic. Without the support of an IT vendor such as The ITeam, a practice cannot function. I have found having The ITeam work on our software, technical and computer issues as well as keeping our information secure has provided me with a sense of comfort in knowing that things are taken care of and that they are only a phone call away. Prompt service and consistent staff that know our situation and are knowledgeable about us as clients. Cheers to The ITeam.”

Cate Campkin
Business Operations Manager, Dentrix Dental Care

“In a health care setting patient care must remain a priority; managing IT infrastructure and troubleshooting is frustrating for health care professionals and takes the care provider away from what they should be doing. This has NEVER been the case with the ITeam. They provide proactive solutions to keep systems running smoothly and their dedication to finding results that are tailored to the unique needs of their clients is paramount. They have experienced staff who understand the challenges we face in healthcare, especially as it relates to privacy and confidentiality, and they always stick with a problem until it is solved. We have never been dissatisfied with their service – A++!!”

Leah Tschritter-Pawluk RN, MN
Clinical Operations & Client Relations, Helios Wellness Centres

“The ITeam has helped support CAPP’s corporate IT infrastructure for over 15 years. I have always been able to depend on their assistance when called upon. From collaborating on complex server upgrades, to troubleshooting network performance issues, to responding on emergency basis to device failures, they have always been responsive to our needs. Partnering with The ITeam expands my bench and gives me access to skills and resources that I otherwise would not have. They have our best interest at heart.”

Jeremy Creaghan
Manager, Information Systems and Services, Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers

Clients & Achievements

The ITeam Named One of Ingram Micro’s Fastest-Growing Cloud Growth Partners in Canada

Ingram Micro Inc., the world’s largest technology distributor, has nominated The ITeam for a 2017 Canadian Cloud Partner of the Year Award in the category of Fastest Growth Cloud Partner. Winners will be announced at this year’s Cloud Summit in Phoenix, Arizona on April 19…

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The ITeam Ranked Among Top 501 Managed Service Providers by Penton Technology’s MSPmentor

The ITeam ranks among the world’s most progressive 501 Managed Service Providers (MSPs), according to Penton Technology’s 9th-annual MSP 501 list and study. The top MSP 501 companies ranked this year include organizations from around the world and from diverse technology and business backgrounds. Collectively, they amassed $9.82 billion in sales in 2015 and increased their oversight of technology devices to more than 5.6 million…

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Our Clients & Partners

The ITeam recognized as the Sophos 2024 MSP Partner of the Year

Client Impact – Applying our Core Values

Help First

  • Serve others
  • Appreciate the value others bring
  • Imagine yourself in their place

Growing and thriving – that is the name of the game for this legal firm. Based in Southern Alberta, this client has seen exponential growth over the past five years adding almost 100 jobs to the Alberta market. Being named as a top performer in their industry, The ITeam provides best in class infrastructure support for this large Azure and Citrix environment.

Like any organization, growing pains are usually the one thing that grab the attention of business owners. With such rapid growth, this client was truly defying the odds of the struggling Alberta market and their IT infrastructure was starting to face its own challenges. What used to be an on-premise setup, was now a full-blown cloud infrastructure and the need for a physical server was no longer needed.

While moving to the cloud was a great solution to meet their scalability needs, it brought its own challenges which include things like increased costs, dependency on internet speeds, and application efficiencies. One application, Citrix, presented a company wide issue that had been ongoing to 9 months without a resolution from the previous provider. Citrix would create temporary profiles for users (which is normal) but then lock that user out of their Citrix session. The only way to resolve the issue was by logging into the servers, manually booting the user from their session, and then possibly recreate the user’s profile. This would result in hours of lost productivity and in some cases, lost data if the document were not saved when the issue presented itself.

Prior to The ITeam, the previous provider simply stated that there was no fix to this issue. Something the client would need to live with as long as this application was present inside their environment.

The ITeam was brought on in early 2020 and fixing this was the number one priority. Being a Citrix certified organization, we knew this behavior wasn’t normal. Trying several different troubleshooting methods, the resolution seemed impossible – but we persisted to get to the bottom of this problem. Working night and day, we relentlessly attempted to find a fix and taking on full accountability. Two weeks into taking on this client, we finally found the solution that had eluded the previous provider for 6-9 months. Our technical team went down almost every avenue, seeking answers and ultimately, a long-term solution.

To this day, the issue remains solved! Streamlining their Azure infrastructure, they are also saving upwards of 50% on their Azure infrastructure, and they are truly seeing the benefits The ITeam brings with our never give up attitude!


  • Build trusted relationships through integrity
  • Celebrating success as a team
  • Collaborate to move common interests forward

Calgary is home to a variety of athletes and many different sports are actively played throughout the city. In this case, our Client is a major provider of sporting goods. From jock straps to safety gear, this retail chain is filled with thousands of dollars in equipment. With a staff of around 30 people, the local community has come to know this organization as a “one stop shop” for all their sporting good needs.

The middle of winter is peak season for this Client. Stock was flying off the shelves and the staff were busy trying to keep up with the workload in the store. While everyone was focused on maintaining the physical storefront, it came to their attention that a cyber-breach had occurred, and all of their data had been “crypto-locked” by the attacker. Like any other business with an IT provider would do, they made a call to their current provider for help. When the Client explained the situation to their provider, there was no response from the provider at all. As a short-term solution to keep sales and the business running, the Client moved their entire sales entry system from the PC application to taking orders on sheets of paper. The Client kept trying to receive assistance from their provider but continued to receive no support.

After receiving no support from their current service provide, the Client called The ITeam in a panic. This was now an S.O.S. and the Client knew they were in imminent danger of losing their data. The ITeam went to work quickly. We tried to retrieve all the information and set out to determine the next steps for the Client. Unfortunately, their IT provider had never set the Client up with active backups and the drives were completely locked up by the attacker. As an emergency measure the ITeam went as far as reaching out to the attacker, but even they couldn’t provide the Client with proof that the files could be unlocked – the data was unrecoverable. After further investigation, it was identified that the breach had occurred through a suspicious email that a user had clicked on. This conclusion indicated that user training and security awareness were needed.

With all data recovery options exhausted, The ITeam made recommendations on how to move forward. By implementing an entirely new network, security approach, off-site backups, and email filtering system, the organization’s configuration had been completely changed and modernized. With the addition of Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for remote users and off-site backups, this customer’s data had been secured and backed up as a full image, so in the event of a future breach all data will be recoverable.

Do The Right Thing

  • Honest
  • Respectful
  • Accountable for your actions

Based in Calgary, Alberta, this Client also ranks as one of the larger managed service customers The ITeam looks after. With an employee count of over 600, they also have their own internal IT department. The ITeam collaborates closely with this Client’s internal IT department and each division claims accountability over specific sections of the overall environment.

The Client was on the hunt for some new suppliers in various industries. Understanding that every relationship has its challenges, even business relationships, this customer was looking for something more than just a transactional business contract – they were looking for partner organizations that not only provided the services they needed, but the relationships as well.

Over the course of a business lunch with this Client, the purpose of which was to review their IT environment and strategies, the Client mentioned that they were having difficulties finding another provider like The ITeam. This statement piqued immediate interest and we asked, “what do you mean ‘like The ITeam’?”. The Client described their satisfaction with not just our services, but the relationship he had with us as well. In fact, he was using The ITeam as a benchmark of what he expected all his providers to be like, not only in business, but outside the office as well.

As part of The ITeam DNA, we pride ourselves on not only providing great service, but meaningful and insightful relationships with our customers as well. Seeking every opportunity to bring value to our Clients’ businesses, and the people who we collaborate with daily, is one of our top priorities.