Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Plan

Worrying about ransomware?

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BCDR) provides organizations with a way to protect their data by storing it safely offsite.

In the event a disaster happens, you can access your data from the offsite source, and quickly be back online serving your customers with a limited break in service. Every business faces the risk of a ransomware attack.

Unfortunately, those attacks continue to be more sophisticated as technology advances. It is much more cost-effective and efficient to have cloud backup services than paying a ransom and working to decrypt attacked files.

Downtime costs Canadian businesses more than $16B annually, and worse, more than half of all Canadian businesses have no IT disaster recovery plan in place. For more than 20 years, we’ve been delivering comprehensive IT services and support for Calgary.

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What is a Business Continuity Plan?

Operating a business comes with inherent risk.

Mitigating that risk is something every business leader must consider. From ensuring a safe environment for customers who visit your location, having a lock on your door to prevent theft, to having a sprinkler system that quickly puts out fires, businesses are always looking for ways to minimize risks.

A business continuity plan is a blueprint a business can follow in case of disaster. There are typically leadership roles assigned as well as failsafe measures in place such as policies, procedures, and action steps.

A business continuity plan is a proactive measure taken to make sure your business is capable of continuing to operate even if something catastrophic happens. One of those steps should include creating a disaster recovery plan.

From financial records to customer accounts, stored data is the core of your business operations. Imagine the cost and length of time that would be required to recreate those records.

To prevent that kind of risk, it is essential to regularly and automatically backup your data. By storing a backup of your data at an offsite location, you will have access to the information your business needs to remain in operation, even if your facility is inaccessible or destroyed.

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What is a Disaster Recovery Plan?

In the event of a data breach, ransomware attack, or natural disaster that damages your network, a disaster recovery plan will help your business quickly and easily recover from the loss.

A backup and data recovery plan is an essential risk mitigation strategy for business continuity – one that can be very costly if ignored.

Cloud backup offers you the ability to store your data at a secure offsite location with continuous and automated backups.

With a backup and disaster recovery plan in place, your data can be safely recovered either to your existing network once the threat has been eliminated or to a temporary location.

How Does it Work?

Cloud-based backup provides an excellent option for all businesses, but it is particularly advantageous for smaller companies.

It is a secure, cost-effective option.

Payment is based on storage units, so you have the ability to contract only for the amount of assistance you need. This means that smaller businesses can recover data at a proportionately lower cost.

In comparison to traditional, physical data backup and recovery, cloud disaster recovery is a much more cost-effective alternative. Additionally, it is often more secure since it is administered by professionals in the field.

Cloud backup is a reliable, efficient, cost-effective, easy to use and secure option that is essential for your business.

  • Backups are created and uploaded to the cloud on a regular basis.
  • The backups can be stored in the same location as your business or off-site in a secure facility.
  • As data accumulates over time, more potential data can be lost between backups if not done regularly.
  • By backing up the data to the cloud regularly, it helps minimize any major data loss between backups, as well as during malicious attacks. 
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Our Process

We ensure that your data is always secure and protected from theft, fire, and flood.

We understand that every business has different priorities when it comes to IT security and business continuity and disaster recovery is not a one-size-fits-all solution.

  • An oil and gas company may need to prioritize security
  • A dental office may need to prioritize access to patient records
  • Financial firms might need to address regulatory compliance in their planning
  • Legal firms may require complete confidentiality and protection of client’s documents

Business continuity and disaster recovery plan should be customized to fit your business needs, no matter big or small.

The ITeam offers fully-managed and customized offsite backup services with secure storage in a Calgary-based secure facility with 24/7 monitoring.

We will work with your Alberta business to customize a cost-effective BCDR solution and help you develop a comprehensive disaster recovery plan that will ensure the continuity you need.

Most organizations will need to consider the impact of BYOD technology – devices brought in by employees that they own and use in the business – and how that impacts security and disaster recovery both positively and negatively.


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Benefits of Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Services

There are a number of benefits to offsite backup and BCDR, not the least of which is peace of mind.

Peace of Mind

This will allow business leaders to focus on achieving business objectives rather than worrying about the what-ifs.

Safe & Secure Data

We will ensure that your business data is stored safely and securely so it is accessible no matter what happens.

Easy Set Up

Offsite backups are not complicated. Once the initial setup is complete, data is backed up automatically and continuously.

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Why Choose The ITeam

Making the shift to cloud services is simple with The ITeam.

The ITeam Cloud Backup services include offsite backup and recovery solutions that offer:

  • Immediate Disaster Recovery Services
  • Safe & Secure Storage of Data
  • Local Hosting and Support
  • Customizable Solutions
  • 24/7 Monitoring
  • Virtual Machine Backup and replication
  • Fully Managed Recovery Services

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