IT Services for Lawyers

Looking for IT Support for Your Law Firm?

Legal IT Support CalgaryAttorneys know better than anyone the importance of confidentiality.

It is one of the requirements of your trade.

To maintain the confidentiality your clients expect of them, you must protect the data you collect from your clients.

You may also be concerned about protecting trade secrets and meeting compliance requirements.

Legal IT support is essential to meeting the needs of your law firm and exceeding the expectations of your clients.

Our professionals at The ITeam have years of experience helping Calgary area attorneys mitigate risk with comprehensive IT solutions.

IT Security For Your Law Firm

So you can focus on delivering legal services with efficiency and peace of mind.

In smaller law firms as well as large-scale operations, IT often takes a backseat to the more pressing tasks of litigation, research, and client support.

There is little to no training offered to employees about how to avoid phishing scams, and insufficient precautions are taken against insider threats and external breaches.

Legal professionals must establish a culture of cybersecurity to protect their intellectual property.

Comprehensive Legal IT support is crucial to the success of your firm, and The ITeam is the most knowledgeable partner in Calgary.

  • Do you worry that the confidential information you store might be at risk?
  • Are you worried that your infrastructure might result in a catastrophic loss of information that you would not be able to recover?
  • Is your IT investment not providing you with the peace of mind you deserve?

The right IT Support for Law Firms can help you prevent the loss of trade secrets, privileged information, litigation strategies, and other sensitive data, such as undisclosed detailed of mergers and contracts.

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Our IT Support Packages for Law Firms

We have decades of experience working with legal firms in Calgary and area.

We understand the unique sensitivities involved in working with the legal industry and the challenges that must be addressed.

The ITeam takes a comprehensive approach to develop customized solutions for law firms that deliver superior results.

Our packages include Regular Business Hour and Emergency Support.

Our team of professionals has specific legal IT knowledge and understands that the following needs must be addressed:

  • Virtual CIO provides consultation on issues relating to capacity planning, remediation of chronic or recurring issues, budgeting and IT strategy planning.
  • Asset management including Software License renewals, Hardware contract management, ISP/Domain management and warranty administration.
  • Annual security reviews of your network with recommendations for necessary adjustments and additions to the network and system security.
  • 24/7 monitoring of the critical health status of devices and applications.
  • Maximizing network availability to ensure uptime.
  • Unlimited support and maintenance services for identified items.
  • Priority call response for identified items (maximum one hour during normal business hours).
  • Preventative maintenance of all identified items (i.e. patch management, firmware updates and application updates).

IT Services for Solo Practitioners

Solo practitioners need comprehensive IT support just as much as medium and large legal firms – and perhaps more so.

Solo practitioners don’t have the deep pockets of large firms to withstand a lawsuit resulting from a data breach.

If something were to occur that caused confidential client information to be lost or publicized, it could easily put the solo practitioner out of business.

Our services for solo practitioner attorneys are as comprehensive and scalable as they are for large firms.

We offer cost-effective, customized solutions that even solo practitioners can afford to make the required investment to minimize risk.

How The ITeam Can Help

A True Partner

Our professional IT managers partner with your software vendors to ensure compatibility, timely upgrades, and available backup data when necessary.

Flat Rate Monthly Package

The ITeam’s network security experts protect your client data with off-site backup solutions. Our team offers an affordable flat-rate monthly package that is catered directly to your needs.

24/7 IT Support Solution

Our managed IT solutions for legal firms and solo lawyers are the best in the industry.

We offer 24/7 support for critical issues and preventative maintenance to always keep you up and running.

Performance is unmatched with The ITeam and patient confidentiality is as important to us as it is to your practice.

Why Choose The ITeam

Legal firm breaches are becoming more common, making small to medium-sized firms as well as solo practitioners a prime target.


Because they often lack the right infrastructure to prevent security breaches.

Legal records are a valuable asset that deserves the attention of managed IT legal services.

Of course, it’s not only data breaches that attorneys should worry about.

Any loss of data, even accidental, can be devastating.

  • Client Information Security

    Clients will question your reliability if your systems aren’t up-to-date.

    Especially when you have hundreds or even thousands of client records to store – even after your legal services with the client have ended – you need top-tier performance.

  • Legal Cybersecurity Issues

    The ITeam is aware of the cybersecurity issues facing the legal industry in Canada and we are also informed of everything it takes to manage legal IT support.

  • Cost-effective IT Strategies

    We can help you develop cost-effective IT strategies that minimize risk and maximize efficiency so that you can run a smooth and secure law firm.

  • Managed Services For Legal Firms

    Our resources lead to the best solutions, and only The ITeam can offer the best managed IT services for law firms and lawyers.

Frequently Asked Questions

The ITeam offers a simple flat-rate monthly pricing plan for all your IT needs. This structure provides both cost certainty and visibility.

Our Managed Services plan includes a “Virtual Chief Information Officer” service. Our team will provide consultation on chronic or recurring issues, budgeting and IT strategy planning while recommending the best solutions for your practice.

We provide a one-hour or less response guarantee on critical issues. Our technicians have over 130 years of collective experience – this means that there is nothing we cannot handle! In addition, our ITeam Central provides proactive monitoring and preventative maintenance to ensure that your IT assets are up and running no matter what.

Our network security experts deploy tier-1 security hardware and software to protect your patient’s information. We also offer secure off-site backup solutions to provide peace of mind.