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Safe, secure and reliable. Server hosting & colocation

Every business needs a safe, secure, and reliable server hosting and colocation.

Businesses rely heavily on technology, yet many organizations lack the IT staff necessary to maintain a strong and secure infrastructure.

This can leave the entire organization vulnerable to data loss and cyberattacks.

Without the appropriate hosting and colocation solutions, any data loss – from a data breach to a natural disaster, can result in a loss of information that can cripple a business of any size.

We provide secure server hosting, reliable disaster recovery, and consistent colocation so you can rest assured that your information will be accessible wherever and whenever you need it.

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What are Hosted Services?

IT hosted services offer businesses a secure infrastructure for all their business needs.

Data, content, and services are hosted and stored via the cloud on The ITeam’s secure servers, linking the business to its critical data without the dangers of on-premise storage and management.

Managed hosting offers continuous and uninterrupted access for the end-user, optimizing content delivery eliminates downtime.

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The ITeam’s Hosting and Colocation Services

Businesses that fail to invest in hosted services are vulnerable to various risks.

This can range from unfortunate events like natural disasters to malicious cyber attacks.

No business can discount human error or disregard internal threats, which can jeopardize private data and destroy public trust.

It is not uncommon for businesses to face damage done to their physical servers due to flooding or fire.

Poor network security is also a cause for concern, and small and medium-sized businesses are increasingly at higher risk.

With continuous server monitoring and 24/7 support, The ITeam is always available to help with professional expertise at the ready:

  • Immediate Disaster Recovery with Guaranteed Resource Availability
  • Your Data is Always Secure, Safe, and Reliable
  • Offsite Backup Protects Your Business from Theft, Fire, and Flood
  • Your Information is Hosted, Managed and Supported in Calgary
  • Customizable Hosting & Backup Solutions
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Hosted Services VS Cloud Hosting

Our Hosting Services

As a hosting service provider, The ITeam offers a cost-effective solution for every IT business need.

A professional hosting service provider delivers hardware, software, storage, and any combination of solutions that fits the unique needs of individual businesses, taking the pressure off your internal team from having to think about:

  • Keeping servers up and running
  • Updating licenses to software and installing patches to improve security
  • Ensuring regular, automated offsite backups occur so that your data is safe
  • Monitoring equipment and proactively working to prevent downtime

What is Cloud Hosting?

Cloud hosting is storing your data on a virtual network rather than an in-house server that the business is responsible for maintaining.

It can be less expensive because rather than paying for full capacity, you only pay for the space you use.

Cloud hosting offers unique capabilities like Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Azure.

Office 365 addresses every business need such as SharePoint, email, and workplace functionality.

Combined with Microsoft Azure, your business is complete with a platform that allows you to build, test, and manage the applications critical to your success.

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Our IT Hosted Services Include

  • Private server hosting – The ITeam offers private cloud hosting, website hosting, and email security critical to how business is done in a digital world. With compatibility between Windows and Linux OS, the migration of your data and services is simple.
  • Disaster recovery – We offer immediate response around the clock. Uptime is guaranteed with resource availability, and offsite backup ensures that if your main system is damaged your information is still accessible. Recovery services are fully managed.
  • Colocation  – The ITeam provides secure facility access and monitoring and data redundancy to ensure that your private information is never lost and always properly updated. Flood, theft, and fire protection are also key features that protect every business from unpredictable events.


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Benefits of Managed Hosting

There are many benefits of managed hosting, including improved security.

The top benefits include:

Predictable Operating Costs

Managed hosting turns your capital outlay into a predictable, monthly utility cost, making it easier for you to plan and build a comprehensive growth strategy for your business.

Reduce Staff Costs

Instead of having to pay a full-time IT support staff, your organization will have access to top experts.

24/7 Monitoring

Enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that your data and equipment is monitored and protected every day.


With regular, offsite backups included in the service, you can rest easy knowing any downtime, whether caused by a hacker or a natural disaster, will be minimized.

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Why Choose The ITeam

There is no doubt that businesses face many challenges in this digital era.

The ITeam expertly maintains functionality and operate within the most up-to-date guidelines and regulations.

By trusting The ITeam with your valuable data and infrastructure, you can mitigate the risks inherent in your operations.

Cost management is a key concern, but with security issues mounting, The ITeam offers cost-effective hosted services that guarantee peak performance.

We understand that not every business can afford an IT department, but lack of resources or expertise should never be your downfall. We will work with you to create an individualized plan that is right for your business.

We understand that not every business can afford an IT department, but lack of resources or expertise should never be your downfall. We will work with you to create an individualized plan that is right for your business.

Need help? Call (403) 750-2540 to learn more about The ITeam’s BCDR services.

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