Microsoft Azure Cloud Services

Microsoft Azure cloud services offer businesses everything they need through customizable solutions.

The ITeam is a premium partner in helping you manage these services.

What is Microsoft Azure Cloud Service?

Microsoft Azure supports open source technologies, allowing your business to run any application with your data securely and reliably.

With comprehensive compliance coverage, innovative solutions for any industry, and premium security, Microsoft Azure cloud service is the global network that the ITeam can help you apply to your business.

Knowing that you need Microsoft Azure and knowing how to use this service are two separate challenges.

This is where a skilled Managed Services Provider (MSP) like The ITeam can assist.

MSPs provide 24/7 monitoring and network support, including Azure cloud management, for a fixed cost.

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The ITeam Solutions

Many businesses face various difficulties in attempts to implement this tool:

  • Training staff in the use of Microsoft Azure
  • Transitioning your entire infrastructure, including data and applications
  • Using Microsoft Azure to its full potential

As a Microsoft Azure cloud provider, The ITeam is an expert in implementing Microsoft Azure and scaling the features that are right for your business.

The ITeam manages a seamless transition with consistent support to your staff, as well as assist in improving customer experience and managing costs.

Compatibility is never an issue and The ITeam guarantees that your systems are always up and running at top performance levels.

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Benefits of Microsoft Azure

Local Storage and Simple Integration

Microsoft Azure offers Canada-based data cloud services and storage. If your organization already uses SharePoint, Office 365, or Outlook, The ITeam can help you migrate to a cloud platform designed for perfect integration. Familiar operating systems, such as Windows and Linux, also work in Azure, so compatibility is not an issue.

Speed and Scalability

Deployment of Azure is rapid. We help clients deploy Azure and scale up and down as needed, offering the capability of testing different features without making a large investment in infrastructure. Our Azure clients can be more agile and innovative, and therefore more competitive.

Lower Capital Output

Azure is an expansion of the idea that turning costs into more-predictable monthly expenses rather than unplanned, unexpected capital costs is a smart business strategy, allowing organizations in any industry to improve customer experience, drive innovation, and manage costs.

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Is Microsoft Azure the Right Solution for Your Business?

 Microsoft Azure managed cloud services are the perfect solution for any size business in any industry. The flexibility is incomparable and is becoming increasingly more affordable as traditional hardware becomes obsolete. There are no limits to how Microsoft Azure can be scaled, and the benefits speak for themselves. As the world becomes more connected, digital threats can dismantle a business.

  • Microsoft Azure offers the security that is necessary to protect your data, as well as the ability to remain competitive in a realm where consumers demand reliability and trust.
  • Microsoft Azure is an investment worth making, and The ITeam guarantees that every dollar invested is put to good use.
  • Microsoft Azure is a comprehensive solution for organizations that are moving to the cloud and need scalability and a multi-pronged platform.

In order to obtain the ROI you’re anticipating, be sure to choose an Azure MSP who will:

  • Help you implement and manage your Azure operations
  • Manage your hybrid cloud,
  • Migrate your systems, and
  • Ensure that you have the most comprehensively secure IT strategy possible to meet your operational needs.

Whether you need help evaluating storage needs, configuring data, or ensuring compliance, having the right MSP partner is more important than ever.

The ITeam is a Microsoft Cloud Services Provider and Authorized Partner with competencies in Small and Midmarket Cloud Solutions and Collaboration and Content.

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The ITeam is a Microsoft Certified Partner in Calgary. Call (403) 750-2540 to learn more about The ITeam’s Microsoft Azure services.

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Azure Migration Process

Start your migration process with The ITeam

Migrating to Microsoft Azure cloud services is easy with The ITeam.

With these easy steps, you can swiftly move your data and infrastructure to the cloud, with the assistance of our professionals every step of the way.

Organize and plan – We will work with you to prioritize the apps that are essential to your business and identify the aspects of Azure cloud services that are most useful to you.

Discuss with stakeholders – An effective strategy demands that everyone be on the same page. Moving to Azure is a broad organizational change and requires the support of all involved.

TCO – Determine your total cost of ownership (TCO). This will calculate your potential savings and make clear how cost-effective the shift from on-premises deployment will be.

Evaluate current tools – Inventory your current applications to map your networks and determine how to best migrate your infrastructure. With logical groupings, you’re more likely to meet your objectives using Microsoft Azure.

Determine the right migration strategy – There are a few options to choose from that will depend on your applications. Your data must be shifted from an on-premise server to the cloud as quickly and efficiently as possible to prevent unnecessary downtime.

Partner – You’ll work closely with ITeam experts to migrate your data and applications to Microsoft Azure. Our professionals offer support around the clock and are available for questions.

Timing – The migration strategy you select will determine how long the migration process will take. Certain apps will be up and running before others, which is why the initial phase of assessment is critical in determining what apps are the top priority.

Fine-tune – Cloud optimization is securing your well-managed cloud environment. Microsoft Azure offers management and security services that can begin during the migration to ensure a consistent experience.

Reinvest – The money that you have saved by switching to Microsoft Azure cloud services can be reinvested in other cloud capabilities. Consider what else Azure managed cloud services can do for your business to better optimize your processes.

Protect your networks – Microsoft Azure managed services by the ITeam will help protect and manage your data and applications. With industry-leading security, you’ll have full visibility and control over the security of cloud applications.

Backup data – By backing up your apps in Azure, you can defend against internal and external threats to your private information and the livelihood of your business. It’s easy to deploy and cost-effective, giving you peace of mind.

Track performance – The cloud collects information and tracks the performance of your apps, data, and infrastructure. This offers your business key insights and views your network dependencies. With this information, you can run your business more efficiently.

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