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A managed security service provider (MSSP) is an outsourced IT partner who helps your Calgary company manage and monitor the security of your systems and endpoints with sophisticated security tools including tools for vulnerability scanning and compliance checks for audit compliance. Managed security services can include everything from managing firewalls and threat detection to VPNs and early warning systems. Your MSSP provides these IT support services from a network operations center through which they monitor your network 24/7/365.

What is Managed Cyber Security?

Managed cybersecurity is an approach to data protection in which your outsourced MSP monitors and manages your devices, system, and network using a variety of state-of-the-art systems and security tools to help prevent cyber attacks, data breaches, and phishing attempts.

The cybersecurity threat is growing, with many industries being targeted, including oil and gas, healthcare, and Calgary businesses of all sizes. The geopolitical and socio-political uncertainty of the coming years forces every business leader to consider a stronger security posture going forward to protect their intellectual property, their clients’ personally identifiable data, and their networks.

What are Managed Security Services?

Managed security services are outsourced network security services that are delivered by your managed security service provider to help ensure that your network is secure and monitored with the right tools and solutions to minimize risk and reduce your threat landscape. The tools for vulnerability scanning help prevent unexpected threats from breaching your network. Compliance checks for audit compliance help ensure the organization is meeting regulatory requirements. Vulnerability scanning and compliance checks are essential parts of the managed cybersecurity services that an MSSP provides.

What Does a Managed Security Service Provider Do?

A managed security service provider (MSSP) provides network security services to help protect your Calgary organization from internal and external threats through regular vulnerability scans, early detection, and rapid incident response. This effort can help your organization be better able to meet audit compliance. As an outsourced service provider, an MSSP can reduce the overwhelm on your internal IT team, freeing up time for them to better support the daily operational needs of your company. In addition to management and monitoring systems and devices, your MSSP can also manage network upgrades, needed changes to your systems, and guidance on ensuring you have the appropriate security tools in place for your organization.

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What are the differences between a Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) and a Managed Service Provider (MSP)?

The differences between an MSSP and MSP are subtle but important. And yes, your MSP, if properly qualified like The ITeam, can also be your MSSP. As technology takes center stage for most organizations, you will likely find more and more MSPs offering MSSP services as well, especially as compliance audits become more common.

Your MSP works with your organization to help align your IT strategy with your business strategy. The primary focus of the MSP is on uptime, making sure that you have access to your data, that your data is secure, and that every system you use is effectively managed, secured, and updated.

The role of the MSSP is more proactive in building strong defenses against security threats, addressing security vulnerabilities, and conducting compliance checks with essential security controls and security monitoring. Managed security services are designed to make sure that your network is performing at optimum levels, that network security is optimized, and focused on operational efficiencies through the use of vulnerability scanning tools.

What Security Solutions Are Included

in Managed Security Services?

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MSSP services include services like threat detection and early warning systems, endpoint protection, vulnerability scanning, access management, and solutions designed to help meet compliance requirements.

Most MSSPs offer a combination of the following:

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Security Monitoring

Monitoring your Calgary business network from a security perspective. MSSPs are designed to quickly identify potential threats or anomalies using specific security monitoring tools and 24/7 personnel to spot issues and remediate them immediately. They will help to immediately contain the threat and investigate the vulnerability that led to it.

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Incident Response (IR)

The longer a cybercriminal has access to your network, the more damage they can do. Rapid response to incidents, breaches, and threats can prevent extensive damage to your network. Your MSSP can respond immediately to any threat or attack. By partnering with an MSSP, you’ll ensure your organization has access to a dedicated incident-response team.

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Threat Hunting

As cyber attacks become more sophisticated, cybercriminals are often capable of evading the cyber security barriers in place, so organizations may potentially have infected networks without realizing it. One role of your MSSP is to proactively can seek out existing threats in your system and eradicate them.

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Threat Intelligence

Threat intelligence (TI) addresses emerging threats to an origination’s security based on vulnerability scanning that identifies signs of an attack.

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Managed Detection and Response

Managed detection and response (MDR) is a combination of 24/7/365 monitoring and incident response. It can include customized response capabilities that are embedded into your system by your MSSP or one of their third-party partners.

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Digital Forensics and Incident Response

Digital forensics and incident response (DFIR) enacted in the case of critical threats in the network.

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Other Services

There are other services available that may require an in-house team to fully implement or may only be required for specific industries, such as malware analysis and attack surface management (ASM).

Benefits of an MSSP

Managing security in-house can be complex and costly. By outsourcing to an MSSP, not only will your organization save money but will also gain access to the expertise and capabilities of the MSSP.

  • 24/7/365 Threat Detection
    24/7/365 threat detection is crucial for your Calgary business to better protect against cyber attacks and mitigate risk. Because cybercriminals don’t work Monday-Friday, you’re your threat detection can’t take nights and weekends off either. By monitoring for threats 24/7/365, it not only prevents most attacks from occurring but also minimizes the damage an attack could potentially have.
  • Improved Compliance
    Compliance continues to overwhelm most organizations, but the risk of being out of compliance can be extremely costly in terms of risk to data, fines from governing agencies, and loss of cyber insurance. This increased complexity of regulatory audit compliance becomes a costly effort. Your MSSP can help ensure that you have the required security by conducting regular compliance checks as well as the required reporting in place to demonstrate your efforts.
  • Reduced Cyber Risk
    Not only does your MSSP help reduce your cyber risk, but they are able to achieve economies of scale that allow you to invest less money and get more robust protection.

3 Reasons Your Business Needs an MSSP

Outsourcing your managed security needs to an MSSP elevates your level of protection by extending the services you already have with your MSP for back up and disaster recovery, cloud hosting, and vCIO services with sophisticated vulnerability scanning and threat detection tools that can thwart the threats to your network. These are the top three reasons your Calgary business needs an MSSP:

  1. Access to state-of-the-art business cybersecurity tools, including sophisticated access control and vulnerability scanning solutions, without the exorbitant cost.
    For an individual business to invest in these security tools for their own company, the cost would be prohibitive. However, by partnering with an MSSP who can use the technology for several clients allows each client to spend a fraction of what they would have to invest individually.
  2. Access to a team of experts without having to attract, hire, and retain an internal team.
    There is a shortage of cyber security experts, and with every company vying for talent, hiring internal teams can be costly and frustrating, as turnover can be high. Relying on an MSSP, who has a deep level of expertise among its cybersecurity team, can ensure that your organization always has access to skilled experts without the administrative frustration.
  3. Consistent monitoring and proactive threat detection.
    Your MSSP will conduct regular vulnerability scans and penetration testing to protect your network, data, and employees more effectively.

What to Look for in an MSSP

With the significant increase in ransomware, Business Email Compromise (BEC), and other phishing scams, outsourcing managed security services is a smart move for most Calgary businesses. How do you choose the right Calgary MSSP for your business? We suggest evaluating the following criteria:

  • Expertise and Experience
    Does the MSSP have the needed expertise, particularly with your size of business and your industry? How long has the company been in business? Do they have a stable company with long-term employees? Do the employees demonstrate a level of expertise that not only indicates existing training and education but a passion for being at the forefront of the industry?
  • Services
    Does the MSSP offer the services you need for your organization? No two organizations have precisely the same needs, so be sure to look for an MSSP that is willing to customize or personalize their services to meet your needs.
  • References
    Go beyond the case studies and testimonials that the MSSP shares on their website. What kind of reviews do they have on Google? On Clutch? What do clients say about their customer support and availability?

5 Pitfalls to Avoid When Choosing

a Managed Security Service Provider

As you evaluate managed security service providers, there are many pitfalls you should try to avoid.

  1. Prioritizing Cost over Quality and Expertise
    Yes, you want to be fiscally responsible when choosing security service provider and not spend frivolously, you also don’t want to opt for the cheapest solution simply because it saves you a few dollars per month. Doing so could end up costing you more in the long run when you don’t have the experts and commitment to quality you need.
  2. Scalability
    It is crucial that you choose an MSSP that can scale with you as you grow – and scale back for you when you need to. Scalability allows the solutions you put in place to prevent cyber attacks to grow with your network, number of team members, and number of locations.
  3. Failure to Vet MSSP
    Before agreeing to work with any MSSP and before signing any kind of contract, perform your due diligence and make sure the MSSP you’ve chosen has a record of success in the industry. They should have well-established industry connections and solid reviews from a variety of clients in a wide array of industries.
  4. One-Size-Fits-All
    A big pitfall for Calgary businesses is choosing an MSSP who applies the exact same services, solutions, and contracts to every one of their clients. If you don’t feel the MSSP is listening to you, understanding your concerns, and addresses your specific needs, it’s likely not a great fit.
  5. Customer Support
    Do you wait weeks for a return phone call or feel the MSSP is not fully engaged with you when you’re talking about your needs? Do you struggle to get simple questions answered about how the service works or what it costs? Trust your instincts. If you don’t feel supported and valued, you’re in the wrong place.

Want a Third-Party Vendor to Manage Your Cybersecurity?

The ITeam Can Help

One of the ways in which The ITeam stands apart is our commitment to service. We don’t just sign a contract with you and disappear. We get to know your business, your people, and your customers so that we can make sure you’re leveraging technology as proficiently and effectively as possible.

Your business needs will evolve, and The ITeam is flexible, responsive, and ready to adapt to your changing needs. We work diligently to not only ensure that your IT infrastructure is operating like a well-oiled machine but to ensure that we’re meeting the needs of your specific industry. From specific compliance and governance requirements to unique trends in your business, we customize what we do to fit your needs. We primarily service the following industries:

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Oil & Gas

Attacks against the operation technology (OT) sector can have devastating consequences. Our team has over 20 years of experience working with the oil and gas industry. We have designed a comprehensive service offering to address security concerns, risk management, and remote network management.

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Healthcare companies are an irresistible target for hackers. Smaller medical and dental practices are equally at risk as high-profile healthcare organizations. Comprehensive technology solutions, including applications, email security, staff training, and compliance support are necessary.

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Legal Firms

If confidential data from an attorney’s office is leaked, it can result in serious repercussions. Lost or stolen data can destroy the reputation of the firm and its clients. We understand the special needs for cybersecurity that legal practices face. We will work with your firm to streamline technology requirements and develop proactive IT strategies.

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In the finance industry, security and compliance go hand in hand. Above all, customers entrust you with their most precious commodity – their identity. The finance industry is in a period of transformation. It relies on both legacy systems and new cloud-based technology. We will develop customized solutions that align your business goals with compliance requirements.

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The construction industry is a full-scale collaboration among engineers, architects, contractors, project managers, inspectors, and customers. Real-time, seamless communication is required at all times. Our comprehensive IT support can keep projects moving forward with better reliability and security across your network. This results in projects being completed on time and on budget.

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Small and midsize businesses are growing targets for hackers. In other words, hackers target SMEs. They bet on SMEs not investing in IT security. SMEs are vulnerable. Managed IT services offer SMEs access to competitive levels of expertise and security. We will work with you to develop solutions that allow for a more productive and secure collaboration.

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There are many aspects of being a well-rounded Managed Security Services Provider, and the ITeam strives to meet every need of their clients through proactive planning and execution. Get in touch today to learn more.

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