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Cloud security is essential for every organization in Canada. Yet according to Forrester, 96% of businesses struggle with cloud security.

Risks Calgary Businesses Face

According to their report, the increase in non-person identities is increasing the risk to all organizations, but additional risks were also identified.

Non-Person Identity Risks

Did you know that because of today’s proliferation of cloud computing that there are actually more non-person identities in your cloud than people? Non-person identities include bots and functions that manage integrations or operations. They’re often given carte blanche control over your systems, but they can vulnerable.

Third Party Risks

Every person outside of your organization who has access to your cloud can increase the risk to your data. All it takes is for the third party to have access to your network by password or through an API. That third party could fall victim to a social engineering attack or expose your data through the access they provide their own third parties. It can quickly get out of hand and out of your control.

IP Theft

According to the Ponemon Institute, the biggest threat to intellectual property loss is through the use of personal devices that have not been adequately secured before connecting to the network. Employees, often without even realizing it, leave sensitive data accessible.

Malware attacks

Shifting to the cloud is often smart and economical, but it can also be a vector for data exfiltration. Cyber criminals continue to become more sophisticated, finding new ways to insert malware into your system.

Endpoint Security

If your organization cannot identify every endpoint through which the network can be accessed, it leaves data open to vulnerability. Personal devices, third party authorizations, and a failure to remove access from those who no longer need it.

Shared Vulnerabilities

Every stakeholder has a role to play in cloud security. Therefore, every stakeholder should be doing their part to ensure that they are securing data every step of the way, taking all necessary precautions.

Denial-of-Service Attacks

A Denial-of-Service (DoS) attack interrupts your network and makes it inaccessible to legitimate users. Cyber criminals do this by flooding your network with traffic or shoving information at the server to trigger a crash.

API Risks

APIs, or Application Programming Interfaces, are the translator that communicates between you and the apps, programs, and services you use. Many solutions use an API to communicate with your network, granting you access and authenticating logins. A great example is when a company embeds their Twitter feed or YouTube videos on their website – it’s an API that allows you to do that, but if the API is not secure, you’ve also provided a vulnerable access point to your network.

Cloud Security Will Only Continue to Increase in Importance

According to Checkpoint Security, cyberattacks increased more than 50% in 2021 against corporate targets. With a higher number of remote workers and more people leveraging cloud-based services to perform their jobs, these threats will only continue to rise. Every organization needs to be more prepared to face potential cloud security risks.

Five Cloud Security Trends to Watch

Gartner identified several cloud security trends that will help organizations implement more powerful security measures. (Adapted from Gartner’s list).

  1. Data Fabric uses analytics to learn and make recommendations about cloud security.
  2. Cybersecurity Mesh “enables best-of-breed, stand-alone security solutions to work together to improve overall security while moving control points closer to the assets they are designed to protect. It can quickly and reliably verify identity, context, and policy adherence across cloud and non-cloud environments.”
  3. Privacy-enhancing Computation secures personal data in untrusted environments.
  4. Cloud-native Platforms facilitate rapid response.
  5. Composable Applications make it easier to use and reuse code, accelerating the time to market for new software solutions and releasing enterprise value.

Four Cloud Security Measures to Take Now

Every organization can do more to protect their data. Take these four actions now:

Adopt MFA

No one should have access to any part of your network who is not required to use multi-factor authentication. Instead of focusing on convenience and rapid access, focus on access being difficult to achieve. It should take multiple steps of authentication for anyone to access your data. And within those authentication steps, access should be limited. If someone doesn’t need access to do their job, they should not have access.

Make Risk Management a Habit

Practice disaster recovery. Provide continuous employee awareness training. Run phishing tests. Request regular network assessments from your MSP. Treat threats seriously and prepare for them.

Develop a Zero-Trust Culture

Whether you’re working with other networks, other people, or any device, zero trust should be the standard setting. Only allow third vendors the minimum access they need to provide the service you’re paying for. Shut down anyone – vendor, former employee, internal threat – as quickly as possible.

Partner with a Trusted MSP

Work with an MSP that has cloud security experience and offers local, secure cloud hosting. Because cloud security misconfigurations can expose organizations to security threats, be sure you have 24/7 access to your MSP partner.

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