how to make your calgary business cybersecure

Being cybersecure is the charge of every organization – and there is no organization in Calgary that does not contend with critical operations, sensitive data, and customer trust that is inextricably linked to their digital networks and presence. Cybersecurity gives organizations the ability to safeguard the increasingly complex cyber threats that have emerged. Get Cyber Safe has identified 15 steps every Canada business can take to be cybersecure and improve their cyber fitness during this Cyber Security Awareness Month and throughout the year.

Identify Common Cyber Threats

Recognizing common cyber threats is essential. From phishing scams to malware attacks and ransomware, understanding these risks empowers you to stay one step ahead of cyber criminals. Vigilance is your defense against these invisible adversaries.  Insist on employee awareness training and implement threat-detection solutions.

Use Tools That Can Keep You Safe Online

Arm your Calgary business and each of your employees with suitable protection. Antivirus software, firewalls, and encryption tools are digital barriers that protect your network. These tools protect your data and your employee’s personal information.

Learn to Be Cybersecure

Cybersecurity doesn’t have to be complicated. Simple practices, such as regularly updating your software, avoiding suspicious email attachments, and being cautious with social media use, are the stepstones to a safer online world. Small steps yield substantial protection.

Use Strong and Unique Passwords and Passphrases

Passwords alone aren’t enough, but the right passwords can help prevent cybercriminals from breaching your network. For passwords to be effective, however, they need to be a virtually unbreakable combination of lowercase and uppercase letters, numbers, and symbols arranged in a unique sequence. Swap out “password123” for an uncrackable passphrase like “L9z4rdSt0rm$SilverMountain!.”

Enable Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) to Be Cybersecure

MFA makes you more cybersecure

Two locks are better than one. MFA adds an extra layer of security by requiring more than just a password. When MFA is employed wherever possible, breaches become even more difficult for cybercriminals – eliminating up to 99.9% of phishing attacks.

Avoid Phishing and Social Engineering Scams

Beware of digital bait. Phishing emails and social engineering tricks can lead you into treacherous waters. Don’t take the bait; stay skeptical of unsolicited messages and always verify the source. Trust your instincts; they’re your best defense.

Use a Virtual Private Network (VPN)

With more Calgary businesses employing remote and hybrid workers, a VPN is essential for ensuring your network remains invisible to prying eyes. A VPN allows your employees to log in with enhanced security from home or a coffee shop, shielding their information from prying eyes.

Install Antivirus Software

Every computer needs a digital immune system. Antivirus software can be your shield against viruses, trojans, and malware lurking in the digital wild. While your Calgary business likely has antivirus protection, it’s important to keep software and virus definitions updated. Require any device connecting to your network to have antivirus protection as well.

Ensure Secure Home Wi-Fi

Your remote employee’s home Wi-Fi is an essential layer of security that must be protected with a robust password. In addition to promoting password protection, educate your employees on how to change default router credentials and how to update firmware regularly.

Use a Password Manager

Password managers store and autofill your credentials, “remembering” passwords you would otherwise forget. As well, password managers reduce the likelihood that users will reuse passwords across multiple systems or platforms With military-grade encryption, your passwords are locked away from prying eyes.

Enabling Automatic Updates

Don’t procrastinate when prompted for updates; updates help ensure ongoing protection against current cyber threats. Enable automatic updates for your software, operating system, and apps. Each update patches vulnerabilities and strengthens your defense.

Backup Your Data

Regularly backup your files to an offsite, secure location. In the event of a digital or natural disaster, your data will remain safe and ready for recovery.

Talk About Cybersecurity

Engage in open dialogues with your employees about cybersecurity and make it a part of your company culture. Empower employees with the wisdom needed to navigate the digital landscape safely and securely.

Teach Kids About Cyber Threats

Instill digital street smarts in the next generation of internet users. Teach kids about online dangers, privacy, and the importance of responsible online behavior. Equip them with the skills necessary to surf the web with wisdom and resilience.

Make Your Office Cybersecure

Your workplace is a collective fortress. Advocate for cybersecurity best practices, from employee training to robust IT infrastructure. A united front against cyber threats makes your office a digital stronghold.

The imperative for stringent cybersecurity practices for Calgary businesses has never been more apparent. The digital age has revolutionized business, but it has also unleashed an army of cybercriminals seeking to exploit vulnerabilities.

Investing in cybersecurity is not merely a safeguard; it is a strategic asset. By proactively addressing threats, nurturing a culture of cyber vigilance, and staying ahead of evolving risks, Canadian organizations can fortify their cybersecurity postures and pave the way for a future where growth, innovation, and trust can flourish without compromise.

Bonus Step: Enlist a Managed Service Provider (MSP) for Your Calgary Business

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