Calgary midsize businesses are just right

As Goldilocks discovered, some things can be too big and some can be too small, but it’s worth finding your “just right.”

The ITeam, like Goldilocks, has a “just right.” While we provide managed IT support to a variety of industries in Calgary, growing and bigger midsize Calgary businesses – with 20 – 600 staff – are most perfectly suited to the managed services we offer and where we’re able to bring the full force of our expertise, technical prowess, and depth of service commitment.

Surely Size Doesn’t Matter?

When it comes to providing 24/7 IT support, the size of the business does matter. It impacts how those services are provided and to what level the partnership can flourish. As businesses grow, their needs change from basic tech support to more in-depth consulting, larger projects, and rounding out their own in-house IT to fill in skill gaps. There are other Managed IT Service companies, like Transpera, that do a great job of meeting the needs of smaller businesses in the early stages of their growth (5-20 staff), while The ITeam is well positioned to meet the managed IT support needs of larger growth companies that do not have in-house IT (20-50 staff) as well as more established businesses that need to complement their in-house resources (50-600 staff).

Why Managed IT?

When you’re in that growth stage where you’re big enough to need to think about things like compliance and data security but not big enough to have your own in-house IT staff, a managed services provider is the ideal bridge. Even if you are big enough or profitable enough to house an internal IT team, many businesses of this size don’t want to because it takes a large investment to maintain a successful internal team. Outsourcing managed services in Calgary is often a cost effective, smart solution that lets your business focus on growth and relationship building while having the benefit of a full IT department at your fingertips.

The list of reasons why people choose managed IT services includes:

  • Stable cost structure – Improved budgeting and predictable annual operating expenses
  • Reduced downtime – To remain competitive, agile, and capable of continued growth
  • Compliance – We help you meet requirements for regulatory purposes
  • Prevent data breach – Prevent unlicensed software, poor infrastructure, or inefficient resources (human and machine) from putting you at risk
  • Peace of mind – We are on the job with 24 hours a day, 7 days a week monitoring

What Does a Managed Services Provider Do for a Bigger Business?

There is no industry or organization that doesn’t need to think about data security, compliance, cyberthreats, and all the other risk factors facing your business. However, if you spend your time thinking about those things it takes away from your ability to focus on core business operations. While a managed services provider offers managed IT support in the form of cybersecurity, data security, offsite replication, backup and recovery, and so much more, what they’re really offering your business is the ability to focus on core business functions while having the peace of mind that all that other stuff – the stuff that puts 60% of SMEs out of business when it fails – is being taken care of.

Bigger Midsize Calgary Businesses Are at a Crossroads

The “just right” experience that bigger midsize Calgary businesses get with The ITeam happen because most businesses of this size are in a growth cycle or have outgrown the services provided when they were smaller. This crossroads compels business leaders to decide: Do I hire an internal IT team and CIO, or do I outsource? It’s a critical question to answer, because as your business grows, you do need the insight and expertise of a larger IT support team, and you will benefit from the guidance of a C-level IT leader to help ensure that your IT strategy is capable of supporting your business strategy both now and in the future. The mistake some businesses make is in thinking that it’s always best to manage the need internally, when in fact, it’s often far more cost-effective to partner with a Calgary MSP that can offer both the scalable support your growing business needs and provides the virtual CIO guidance that ensures your strategy hits the mark.

What Is a Virtual CIO?

A virtual CIO is a C-level leader who is deeply knowledgeable about your organization, its goals, and its IT infrastructure who helps provide the insight you need to keep growing – without the $150,000-$200,000 annual salary price tag. When you consider all that goes into attracting, retaining, and replacing high-value talent like a CIO, getting access to a vCIO as part of your managed services solution can seem like an extraordinarily strategic move. When it comes to choosing managed IT support in Calgary, finding an MSP that offers a vCIO is one of the differentiators by which you can measure the value of the provider.

We’re Just Right for Many Calgary Businesses

If you are a growing business in Calgary and need a managed services partner to grow with you that is just right, we invite you to schedule time for a business assessment. Discover how we can measurably impact your IT cost while delivering peace of mind. Schedule your business assessment today.