IT Business Assessment

Evaluating IT systems is no simple task.

A business assessment is essential to the success and health of your business so that you have a sense of what is required to keep your IT infrastructure efficient and secure.

What Is a Business Assessment?

Think of a business assessment as you would a routine physical or checkup – just as you would visit a dentist every six months for a cleaning to make sure your teeth are in good health.

A business assessment evaluates your IT infrastructure to make sure it is capable of meeting the demands of your organization, identifying weak areas and security risks while prioritizing service needs.

Why Is It Important to Conduct an IT Business Assessment?

As an essential piece of your business blueprint, an IT business assessment is conducted through the lens of your organization’s goals and objectives.

It can help you prepare for the future while assuring that you have the technology and infrastructure in place to meet your goals.

By working with a managed IT partner who understands your organization’s unique needs, you can develop and implement new tools that help you remain flexible, competitive, and secure.

The assessment will provide you with the insight you need regarding:

  • Your organization’s ability to expand
  • New products and services delivery
  • Customer experience improvement

The assessment will also help you understand how to prevent important security issues, such as security breaches and unanticipated downtime.

Request A Business Assessment

To request your complimentary business assessment please fill out the form below and an IT professional will contact you within 24 hours.

When Should I Have a Business Assessment?

A business assessment can be a first step to determining what services you need from The ITeam.

It can also be something performed for existing clients who are delivering new services to their customers or who want to add additional security and need to know where to start.  

If you’re not sure where to start with improving your IT infrastructure, The ITeam can provide a business assessment to help you determine how to proceed.

To request your complimentary business assessment please fill out the form below and an IT professional will contact you within 24 hours.

Our Process

  • Step 1

    Initial Request

    Fill in the Business Assessment form below with your information or request an assessment from a member of The ITeam.

  • Step 2


    One of our IT professionals will respond to you within 24 hours to schedule a time to audit your IT environment using network discovery tools.

    We will also schedule to meet with your business stakeholders to discuss goals and current gaps.

  • Step 3

    Business Assessment

    The assessment will be completed.

  • Step 4

    Report Delivery

    The ITeam will return onsite at an agreed-upon time to deliver the results of our assessment.

    The report will include our findings, estimated costs to remediate the current environment should there be any gaps and estimated costs to achieve any new goals as outlined by management.

    Our team will also provide you with an ongoing Managed Services package in your report based on your business needs. This is offered at a monthly fixed-rate to support your IT  environment once remediation is complete.

  • Step 5


    Should the client choose to move forward, the remediation project will be completed.

  • Step 6

    On-going Management

    Enter into the day to day support and security management cycle with our Managed IT Services package.