does my Calgary company need managed IT

Do you question whether or not your Calgary company needs managed IT services? Some business leaders resist partnering with an MSP. Some leaders think that their companies are too small to need IT support. Others think that their respective industries are not at risk compared to others. But cyberthreats are growing, and no industry or organization is immune from attack.

The Argument for Managed IT

Technology equals productivity. Companies that can effectively leverage technology have a competitive advantage. However, that advantage can quickly be obliterated if operations are forced to shut down over a successful ransomware attack or other security compromise. And it can be the end of the organization if there is a successful data breach (60% of businesses fail within 6 months of a data breach).

What Industries Need Managed IT?

It would be easier to explain which industries don’t need IT. Every industry reaches their customers online, whether through a website, by email, on SMS, or through online ordering and ecommerce. If your organization uses technology to contact customers, sell to customers, collect data, or operate your business, you need IT.

Why Healthcare and Dental Industries Need Managed IT

Health and dental industries are obligated to meet the highest compliance requirements regarding patient data security. They also use unique scheduling and record management software. Without a managed IT partner, organizations in this industry could easily lose thousands of dollars in efficiency and clinic billing hours addressing security and infrastructure needs – needs better left to experts who can keep your clinic up and running.

Why the Construction Industry Relies on a Managed IT Partner

Construction is big business in Calgary, from commercial construction to residential design build projects. With workers spread across multiple work sites, the only way to be productive and cost-effective is to have the ability to access communications, construction software, and client data away from the office. However, without the right security protecting your construction company, you could end up with more than one project being shut down over a data breach or interruption in service. A managed IT partner helps ensure that you are protected wherever you’re working – in the office or on the work site.

How Oil & Gas Companies Rely on Managed IT for Better Security

With utilities of all kinds becoming a more common target from hackers, there is a great deal of peace of mind offered to oil and gas companies with managed IT. But it’s more than peace of mind on the line – it’s uptime, which is essential to the industry, as well as operational efficiency.

Law Firms and Attorneys Need Managed IT

A law firm is only as successful as the billable hours they have available. Wasting those hours troubleshooting technology or tracking down cyber threats takes away from the business. And any whisper of a threat to data can destroy client confidence in a law firm. The investment a law firm makes in a managed IT partner is an indicator to their clients that they take their privacy seriously. A managed IT partner helps law firms remain efficient and productive while helping improve uptime and availability.

Do Accounting Firms Need a Managed IT Partner?

An accounting firm that has a data breach disclosing client financial information could find themselves out of business very quickly. The type of information handled by accounting firms demands diligence in providing security and protection. But like attorneys, accounting professionals are most successful when they can spend most of their time working for their clients – not on installing patches or updating server software.

A Business Is Never Too Small for Managed IT

Small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are a growing target for cyberattacks. From 2020 to 2021, cyberattacks on SMEs increased more than 150%, according to RiskRecon and according to KPMG’s 2022 CEO Outlook, there was an 11% increase (to 73%) in concern over cyberattacks. Furthermore, only 56% of Canadian CEOs feel prepared for a cyberattack, down 17% since 2021. Because small- and medium-sized enterprises do not have the budget to have a full IT department on staff (and keeping it staffed is another costly challenge), partnering with an MSP can not only address the concerns business leaders have about cyber threats but reduce the overall risk they face.

Everyone Benefits from Managed IT

When it comes down to it, unless an organization’s main line of business is managing IT, partnering with a company whose sole purpose it really is to manage IT is more cost-effective and provides the organization with deeper levels of expertise and access to more technology than they could manage on their own.

For more than 25 years, The ITeam has been Calgary’s number-one choice in Managed IT partners. We offer fixed-rate services with a depth of expertise that can’t be easily matched. Our proactive approach to IT strategy and our ability to offer industry-specific customized solutions allows us to help keep the organizations with whom we work steps ahead of cybercriminals.

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