What Breaches Tell Us About Cybersecurity

Every breach offers both the organization experiencing the breach as well as everyone else a reminder of the importance of proactive security measures.

Any time a breach occurs, it reveals any weaknesses in security exploited by hackers.

The following lessons can help prevent further cybersecurity disasters.

Vigilance is necessary

What Can Data Breaches Teach Us About CybersecurityHackers become more technologically savvy each day, making vigilance essential.

Breaches in cybersecurity will occur, but as demonstrated by the many large corporations, including Equifax, that has been rocked by massive breaches, many of them are likely preventable.

Breaches in security are often exacerbated when organizations ignore basic security measures.

Only when businesses recognize that information is always at risk can they take a more proactive approach in employing measures that can mitigate the losses associated with, if not entirely prevent, data breaches.

A shared economy creates a higher risk

As the sharing economy continues to gain traction and disrupt, organizations must recognize that along with the benefits that may be realized, there is also a risk.

As the shared economy grows, it’s not only consumers who are at risk from data breaches but the companies they work for.

The reality is, breaches are costly and can result in more than simply financial loss.

Stakeholders and investors are wary of businesses that have experienced breaches, as well as are consumers.

A shared economy demands that there are strong cybersecurity protocols across channels.

Third-party vendors can be a risk

Target and Home Depot were both victims of the same malware, and investigations proved that their primary security systems were not the main point of failure.

Granting access to third-party vendors, like offsite HVAC vendors, can allow hackers to embed malware and exploit system vulnerabilities.

Breaches have taught organizations that their vendors must be carefully vetted and should not be given more access than necessary to complete their jobs.

Security connections, passwords, logs, and more must be consistently monitored to find evidence of and prevent breaches.

Everyone is responsible for cybersecurity

Cybersecurity professionals are gaining knowledge from every breach, to help them prevent loss of critical information in the future.

The most important lesson we can learn from data breaches is that everyone within an organization is responsible.

The organization must invest not only in proper security measures and infrastructure but also in policies and procedures that encourage safe practices.

Every person on the staff must be trained to be vigilant, to recognize phishing, to report irregularities.

Companies must develop an entire culture of cybersecurity awareness; otherwise, weaknesses in systems will continue.

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