Cybersecurity is a growing concern in the oil and gas industry, due to the merge of OT and IT methods of business in recent years, consequently digitizing the entire enterprise.

Very few companies rate themselves as being highly prepared, which showcases the alarming need for advancement in risk management.

What Are The Risks?

Cybersecurity Isn’t Keeping Pace in the Oil and Gas IndustryThe oil and gas industry faces particular concerns when considering preventative cybersecurity measures, and 68% of those surveyed report at least one attack.

There is potential for large-scale disruption, as well as consequences for economic downfall and risks to national security.

As in any industry, data is a prime target, but it is the energy sector that is perhaps most tempting for hackers.

Attacks on integrated operations, such as computers and pipeline control panels, disrupt production and distribution. In other circumstances, attacks have resulted in crude-oil spills.

What Is The Solution?

Oil and gas manufacturers require strong cybersecurity precautions regarding upstream, midstream, and downstream applications.

An organization’s industrial control system necessitates an effective security technology, and as required of any organization, a method of continuous monitoring to prioritize the understanding of threats.

Preventing negligence and insider threats is also crucial to oil and gas, as the repercussions of an insider attack can be severe – financially, nationally, and environmentally.

Employees new to automated and digitalized systems may not be aware of the risks; therefore, educating employees on their roles in preventing attacks is critical.

Cyber attacks on the oil and gas industry can have overwhelming consequences, but the most effective technologies are not even being utilized by many organizations.

By assessing the level of risk, a targeted solution can successfully secure a company’s digitalized infrastructure.

Inadequate cybersecurity has too high of a cost, and oil and gas industries are of premium concern.

Without the proper security features, many attacks, and subsequent losses, go unnoticed.

Establishing appropriate security practices is key to closing the gap that exists, as well as securing the future success of your company.

The ITeam Is Your Oil & Gas IT Partner

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