If you were an early cloud strategy adopter, you may have migrated to the cloud years ago when the trend was still in its infancy.

The benefit of being an early adopter is that you can be the first to take advantage of the cost savings and increased productivity.

The drawback is that you’re often the one out front helping identify the bugs and quirks that keep the system from working the way it’s expected to work.

Some organizations weren’t willing or able to take that kind of risk and are only just now considering the cloud.

It’s the perfect time to do so – and if you were an early adopter of cloud strategy, now can be a great time to learn about innovations that can save you more time and money and keep you more secure.

There’s no avoiding the fact that the cloud is here to stay.

3 Benefits of a Cloud Strategy with Microsoft Azure

3 Benefits of a Cloud Strategy with Microsoft Azure

In Canada, it’s become even simpler now with Microsoft Azure.

Microsoft Azure is a comprehensive solution for organizations that are moving to the cloud and need scalability and a multi-pronged platform.

It offers a reliable, scalable, and secure infrastructure environment with Canada-based data cloud services and storage.

The benefits of Microsoft Azure include:


In addition to being fast and reliable, Azure offers a secure cloud solution.

According to Microsoft: “Security and privacy are built right into the Azure platform, beginning with the Security Development Lifecycle (SDL).

The SDL addresses security at every development phase and ensures that Azure is continually updated to make it even more secure.”


To improve the flexibility – and speed – of the cloud service delivered by Azure, Microsoft has acquired flash storage company Avere.

What does this mean for businesses moving to the cloud using Azure?

According to the press release announcing the purchase, not only does Avere support large-scale media needs, but it also supports the high-performance computing needs of organizations “in life sciences, education, oil and gas, financial services, manufacturing and more.”

Cost Control

Azure is an extension of the idea that turning costs into more-predictable monthly expenses rather than unplanned, unexpected capital costs is a smart business strategy.

This allows organizations in any industry to improve customer experience, drive innovation, and manage costs.

Investing in Azure might be right for your business.

However, to really obtain the ROI you’re anticipating, be sure to choose an Azure MSP who will help you:

  • Implement and manage your Azure operations
  • Manage your hybrid cloud
  • Migrate your systems
  • Ensure that you have the most comprehensively secure IT strategy possible to meet your operational needs

Whether you need help evaluating storage needs, configuring data, or ensuring compliance, having the right MSP partner is more important than ever.

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