Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure provides organizations with a reliable, scalable, and secure infrastructure environment with Canada-based data cloud services and storage.

Microsoft Azure is a comprehensive solution for organizations that are moving to the cloud and  need scalability and a multi-pronged platform. Investing in Azure might be right for your business, but to really obtain the ROI you’re anticipating , be sure to choose an Azure MSP who will help you implement and manage your Azure operations, manage your hybrid cloud, migrate your systems, and ensure that you have the most comprehensively secure IT strategy possible to meet your operational needs. Whether you need help evaluating storage needs, configuring data, or ensuring compliance, having the right MSP partner is more important than ever. The ITeam is an authorized partner MSP for Microsoft Azure.

Benefits of Microsoft Azure

Local Storage, Simple Integration

Microsoft offers Canada-based data cloud services and storage, and if your organization already uses SharePoint, Office 365, or Outlook, then using a cloud platform designed for perfect integration makes sense. Familiar operating systems, such as Windows and Linux, work in Azure, so compatibility is not an issue.

Speed and Scalability

Deployment of Azure is rapid. We help clients deploy Azure and scale up and down as needed, offering the capability of testing different features without making a large investment in infrastructure. Our Azure clients are able to be more agile and innovative, and therefore more competitive.

Lower Capital Output

Azure is an expansion of the idea that turning costs into more-predictable monthly expenses rather than unplanned, unexpected capital costs is smart business strategy, allowing organizations in any industry to improve customer experience, drive innovation, and manage costs. 

The ITeam is a Microsoft Certified Partner committed to helping Calgary- and Alberta-based businesses develop proactive IT strategies that keep them competitive.

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