Get Cyber Safe with The ITeam

October is Cyber Security Awareness Month (Cyber Month) in Canada, and The ITeam is proud to join the campaign and be a Cyber Security Awareness Month champion working to help Canadians stay safe online.

This year’s Cyber Month theme is all about working on cyber fitness. As champions, we’ll be sharing cyber safety advice from the campaign as well as from our own experts, to show our clients and colleagues how to develop their cyber safety muscles and strengthen their online security.

“The ITeam’s participation in Cyber Security Awareness Month each year is something we take very seriously,” said The ITeam president, James Wagner. We believe every organization, but especially those working in the IT and cybersecurity industries, have a responsibility to help increase awareness.”

Each week, The ITeam will focus on specific aspects of being more cybersecure.

Get Cyber Safe Week One: Warm Up

  • identifying common cyber threats
  • using tools that can keep you safe online
  • learning simple steps to practice becoming cyber safe

Get Cyber Safe Week Two: Account Workout

  • using strong and unique passwords and passphrases
  • enabling multi-factor authentication (MFA)
  • avoiding phishing and social engineering scams

Get Cyber Safe Week Three: Self-Defence

  • using a virtual private network (VPN)
  • installing antivirus software
  • securing home Wi-Fi

Get Cyber Safe Week Four: Maintaining Muscle

  • using a password manager
  • enabling automatic updates
  • backing up your data

Get Cyber Safe Week Five: Strength in Numbers

  • talking about cybersecurity with older adults
  • teaching kids about cyber threats
  • helping your office become cyber safe

Cybersecurity Is a Shared Responsibility

As a managed IT firm, participating in Cyber Month every year is important to our organization because we recognize how vital it is to educate, empower, and protect our Calgary community in our increasingly connected digital world. And just as in fitness, every small step we take can help us get closer to our goals. As Cyber Month champions, we are eager to help Canadians work on their cyber fitness by teaching them how to protect their data and devices and how to navigate the online world with strength and confidence.

Everyone plays a critical role in cybersecurity, at home and at work. Be sure to follow The ITeam on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram for tips on how to improve your cybersecurity during #CyberMonth and all year long.

To play a role in improving cybersecurity in Canada, take action:

  • Help promote Cyber Month on your own personal social media channels.
  • Make sure you’re following cybersecurity best practices at work and at home.
  • Talk about cybersecurity with friends and family.
  • Educate yourself about ways to be more cybersecure.

We look forward to sharing insights and guidance to help you become cyber safe this month! If you have any questions, please get in touch. Learn more about Cyber Month to get motivated and help enhance your cyber fitness journey.