Network Assessment Is An Essential IT Security and Productivity Tool

Network security is – or should be – at the forefront of every organizational strategy.

There is simply too much evidence that points to inaction as a root cause of security breaches.

Network Assessment Is An Essential IT Security and Productivity Tool

Can you prevent every attack?

Maybe not.

But the proactive organizations – the ones that assess risk, address risk, and reduce risk – are more likely to survive an attack should one happen.

Creating and maintaining an efficient network begins with a thorough assessment.

What Will a Network Assessment Accomplish?

A network assessment is a proactive tool to help prevent risk, downtime, security breaches, and loss of revenue.

There are many areas where a network assessment can help an organization achieve peak efficiency, but the main areas covered by a network assessment include analyzing infrastructure, security, and performance, to determine:

Resource Use

Are you over-utilizing resources and putting a strain on your network?

Do you have underutilized systems that could increase your efficiency?

Do you have assets that are nearing the end of their life cycles?

A network assessment can help you more effectively allocate resources, to improve productivity and save money while planning for necessary investments.

Security Risks

Do you have regulatory compliance requirements?

Handle secure customer data?

Have proprietary business information to protect?

A comprehensive assessment will quickly identify urgent security risks that can be immediately addressed.

Bandwidth Issues

An assessment can identify bandwidth bottlenecks and alleviate them with network traffic control and increased bandwidth.

A network assessment will help identify installation or connectivity problems as well as performance issues caused by users or apps.

It is impossible to plan for future growth and innovation without knowing the existing state of your network.

A comprehensive network assessment can help you:

  • Determine your network’s overall performance and capacity
  • Isolate network issues in your existing infrastructure
  • Assess your readiness to begin network infrastructure improvements
  • Prepare your organization for a shift to the cloud.

Network assessments are essential for monitoring network health.

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