At a business’s inception, leaders are occupied with matters such as finances, leases, ROI, and related goals.

Setting realistic targets and optimum goals are key components of a growing business strategy, but one area that some business owners – old and new, in businesses large and small – may overlook is cybersecurity.

To build a strong foundation for a successful business – and for that business to flourish over time – you must have a solid cybersecurity framework.

Employee Cybersecurity Education

Employee training is an essential aspect of business growth, and cybersecurity should be an essential and ongoing part of every employee’s training and development.

Educating all staff, including yourself and your leadership team, is a simple proactive measure that can help mitigate the risk of falling victim to ransomware or other malware attacks.

If neglected, your business is almost guaranteed to experience loss of data and subsequent financial losses that would otherwise have been preventable.

Everyone in your organization should be aware of the risk that cyberthreats represent, and everyone should promote a culture dedicated to sustainable cybersecurity management.

Not only does such a culture ensure that employees avoid certain threats, such as phishing attacks, but it also ensures that everyone on your team is able to identify active threats and prevent irreparable damage by containing breaches.

Include Flexible Risk Management Goals

Although it can be tempting to establish firm risk management policies within your cybersecurity framework, this is one component of your strategy that should remain flexible.

Your vulnerabilities will depend upon your industry and how you do business.

Whether you are in the earliest stages of development or a well-established industry giant, your primary vulnerabilities can and will change as the security landscape changes and as technology evolves.

Risk management should be an ongoing process that can easily reflect updated policies.

Implement Industry Standards

Cybersecurity is a valid concern for consumers and businesses, but with the development of a strong business foundation, knowing where to start can pose challenges.

The Canadian government considers the protection of sensitive data to be the top priority and encourages business owners to become familiar with Canada’s Cyber Security Strategy.

Small businesses are just as likely to be victims of cyber threats, and it is in everyone’s best interests that private data is kept secure.

The existing reliance on technology adds an additional layer of compliance to business management.

Establishing and growing a business is no easy task, but without a strong foundation built on solid cybersecurity strategies, your organization will be susceptible to security risks that could completely halt progress.

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