Can your system be infected with the same ransomware twice?

Technically, yes.

If your IT department does not make the appropriate corrections to your cybersecurity infrastructure following a cyber-attack, leaving your infrastructure essentially vulnerable with the same weaknesses, a hacker will be more than happy to reinfect your systems.

However, performing the appropriate updates and installing the necessary patches does not always secure you against the same ransomware either.

Hackers are using more advanced technology every day, leaving organizations susceptible to new methods of attack.

Defensive approaches aren’t enough

How To Avoid Becoming a Repeat Defender of RansomwareUnfortunately, it isn’t enough to play defence against the tactics that hackers are now using.

One infection could easily lead to another if you prove to be an easy target.

Your main concern should be your overall strength against any attack, rather than concern over the same ransomware breaching your defences twice.

For organizations that utilize constant cybersecurity monitoring and other preventative approaches to their security strategy, their systems are less likely to be infected by the same ransomware or other malware a second time.

But many organizations spend too much time repairing holes made by malicious attempts to access data, rather than reinforcing the entire IT infrastructure.

Cybercriminals are using a classic bait-and-switch

Although the ransomware used is technically not the same, cybercriminals are discovering that they can double their luck by attacking twice in the same email distribution.

Hackers distributing phishing emails will load one set of emails with one ransomware, and another set of emails with different ransomware.

This tricks the organization into thinking they have already set up defences against one strain, only to be taken advantage of hours or days later by yet another strain.

Any ransom paid to retrieve stolen information must be paid again to the very same hackers who had previously demanded payment.

Ransomware is always evolving

The answer to whether your systems can be infected twice by the same ransomware depends more upon your level of cybersecurity than the efficiency of hackers.

New distribution methods are proving successful against organizations of every size and taking a proactive approach to cybersecurity – playing offence and anticipating attacks – is the only way to truly protect your data.

First steps involve educating all employees on what a phishing email looks like, as well as establishing constant monitoring systems that can alert you in advance of breaches.

If you think your systems have been compromised by ransomware, the first step is to immediately mitigate the damages. The next step is to conduct a complete analysis of your systems and implement a proactive action to prevent future breaches and to protect your sensitive data. Hackers will stop at nothing to profit from your data; you should stop at nothing to protect it.

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