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Implementation and Management

Looking for Office 365 Services in Calgary?

Office 365 is more than just Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

It offers businesses of any size intuitive services that enhance collaboration and productivity.

The ITeam simplifies the implementation and management of Office 365 so that your business can take advantage of this essential cloud-hosted service.

There is no denying the convenience and flexibility of remote access for your team, encouraging organization and productivity regardless of location.

With access to the cloud through Office 365, your business is always up and running no matter the circumstances.

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What is Office 365?

Microsoft Office 365 hosts all your data in the cloud.

Office 365 ServicesThis helps minimize any potential IT infrastructure damage that can be caused by data breaches and other cyber attacks.

Businesses have advanced access control, which eliminates the risk of compromised or lost data.

Information that is securely backed up and stored within the same network, thanks to Office 365 hosting, secures the future of your business and allows you to remain competitive.

Azure – Microsoft Cloud Services

Microsoft Azure is an ever-expanding set of cloud services that help organizations meet their business challenges.

It supports open source technologies, allowing your business to run any application with your data securely and reliably.

With Microsoft Azure, organizations have a reliable, scalable, and secure infrastructure environment with Canada-based data cloud services and storage.

The ITeam offers continuous server monitoring and 24/7 support. Call (403) 750-2540 to learn more about our Office 365 services.

The ITeam’s Office 365 Management Services

There are many business advantages to implementing Office 365 including better uptimes and more control over data security. Our Office 365 Management Services include:

  • An assessment to review and evaluate your data, email, and network, to ensure a smooth transition
  • Planning your implementation, including configuring and designing your SharePoint Online and Skype for Business services
  • Handling your complete data migration
  • Providing managed services, hosting, and ongoing support for subscription and licensing management, Azure and SharePoint administration, and remote monitoring

Office 365 Migration Challenges

There can be hurdles to the migration process of Office 365.

This is why it is crucial to work with an Office 365 partner like The ITeam for the implementation and management of Office 365.

  • Incorporating Hybrid Solutions

    Perhaps you want some of your systems to remain on-site but still have connectivity to Office 365 hosting. This split of services requires careful maneuvering to ensure data is maintained properly.

  • Transitioning All Areas

    Some company aspects may be more complex to migrate to Office 365. Legacy systems that are not Sharepoint will fail to automatically update, leading to frustration for end-users and loss of information. The ITeam manages a fluent shift for every area when migration is initiated.

  • Low Bandwidth

    Migration can take time, but the proper tools used by our experts will import all data quickly and efficiently.

  • Changes to Familiar Systems

    Employees may push back against changes to programs they have relied on for years. A new system, like email, can prove to be frustrating. The ITeam experts are with you and your staff every step of the way, offering guidance and training in the implementation of Office 365.

Benefits of Office 365

The ITeam provides your business with access to the benefits that Microsoft Office 365 offers, while simultaneously protecting your networks and critical information.

Office 365 is the business solution for organizations of any size.

Users Can Work Remotely

Every business relies on the organization that Office 365 offers.

It gives you the power to synchronize your email, calendar, and contacts.

Documents are updated across all devices, supporting remote capabilities that are essential to how business is done today.

Highly Customizable

Office 365 for business is also highly customizable for your organization.

We can help you customize your settings to include your logo, URL, background image, colours, and more.

Predictable Monthly Cost

Office 365 offers predictable monthly cost that is minimal compared to on-site networks.

Businesses only use and pay for exactly what they need, with no limitations on scaling up or down on the amount of storage required.

Users Can Collaborate From Any Locations

Without Office 365, many businesses struggle to remain competitive.

Workers do not have the flexibility to collaborate and complete projects from separate locations.

Provides Strong Security and Reliability

If a laptop or mobile device is misplaced, that data is lost forever.

If ransomware cripples your digital networks, your private information could be damaged or held hostage.

These challenges are easily preventable with Office 365.

Security concerns can be heightened through Microsoft 365 hosting.

The cloud stores all your information so that nothing is ever lost.

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  • Industry Leader

    The ITeam is a leader in managed IT services in Calgary, with impeccable knowledge of Office 365.

  • Complying with Regulations

    We host security networks that are up-to-date and in compliance with all regulations.

  • Proactive

    We offer proactive planning and execution to give you confidence in how your business is being run.

  • Accountability

    We are prepared to take accountability for all your business needs.  

  • Premium Solutions

    Office 365 is the premium solution for businesses, and The ITeam takes this platform to higher levels of functionality and security.

  • No Contract

    We offer catered hosting services with no contract and the opportunity to switch services is always available.

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The ITeam offers continuous server monitoring and 24/7 support. Call (403) 750-2540 to learn more about our Office 365 services.