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Remain Cybersecure with the ITeam

At The ITeam, we believe the only way an organization remains cybersecure is by remaining vigilant, proactive, and committed to staying a step ahead of the threat – to embrace a culture of security at every level of the organization. To achieve this, we take a multi-layered approach to cybersecurity by employing state-of-the-art detection, prevention, and training tools to keep your data safe, secure, and out of the hands of hackers.

Tools & Systems

The ITeam partners with your organization to extend your cybersecurity efforts with comprehensive tools, training, and monitoring to detect and prevent threats.

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Endpoint Security


Reduce detection and response time and minimize threats targeting employees and endpoints.

Email Filtering

Even with all of the information about phishing and spoofed emails serving as a warning, people still click. Email filtering keeps most of those emails out.

Next-Gen Firewalls

A next-generation firewall (NGFW) is a highly sophisticated hardware and software solution that detects and blocks attacks to keep your data safe.

End-User Cybersecurity Training

Your employees are your last line of defense – and your weakest link. The ITeam provides training and testing to keep your employees vigilant and aware of risk.

Business Continuity

What would an hour of downtime cost your business?

Hundreds of dollars? Thousands? Maybe even the loss of a client?

The ITeam is here to make sure your customers know they can rely on you.

Offsite Backups



24/7 Monitoring & Alerting

Remote monitoring of client systems and proactive alerting of potential issues before they become critical

Risk Assessments

It’s impossible to be proactive in your approach to cybersecurity if you don’t perform risk assessments, identify threats, and adjust your strategy accordingly.