Cloud Services in Calgary

The ITeam provides private, secure cloud services as well as public cloud services through Microsoft Azure. We offer hybrid choices that best meet your company and your budget needs.

As the shift to cloud computing has enabled businesses to be more nimble and capable of meeting customers’ needs, The ITeam has developed the necessary support, security strategies, and partnership required to make these shifts easier. The ITeam delivers cost-effective, comprehensive, customized cloud solutions to clients.

Making the Shift to Cloud Services

The central benefits of using cloud services are cost-effectiveness and eliminating the hassle of hardware upkeep. Implementing a cloud-intensive IT solution can eliminate much of the cost associated with the purchase and maintenance of on-site servers, which are a considerable financial investment for many companies.

Public, Private, or Hybrid?

The ITeam offers public cloud solutions through Microsoft’s cloud platform, Microsoft Azure. Microsoft Azure is available in Canada through partner MSPs like The ITeam. The advantages of Azure include attaining a Gartner rating as a leader for infrastructure as a service (IaaS). Learn more about Microsoft Azure.

Private cloud services – the ITeam’s hosted services – offer the height of security and can be tailored to your specific requirements. With private cloud services, your data is stored in Calgary, with an IT partner dedicated to ensuring that your data is always secure, safe, and reliable. Learn more about hosted services.

Hybrid cloud services – a highly customizable combination of public and private cloud services – are a practical option, since most leaders must balance the need to meet compliance requirements for specific data with the need for managing costs. Hybrid cloud services offer a “best of both worlds” scenario.

Cloud Services Require Lower Capital Output

When you consider the cost versus ROI of investing in your own infrastructure (capital expenses) as opposed to leasing equipment or relying on TheITeam to provide state-of-the-art infrastructure, it’s an easy decision whether you choose public, private, or hybrid. Predictable monthly expenses simply make it easier to manage the business than unplanned, unexpected capital costs.

As technology continues to change, organizations must move quickly to remain competitive. Our cloud solutions provide cost-effective, secure, reliable access to the increased volume of mission-critical applications that rely on cloud services to thrive. The ITeam will assess your business needs and will determine the best way to deliver IT services to your organization.  This could include cloud services, on premise infrastructure, or a hybrid of both – whatever is best for you.

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