Calgary IT security

They say technology is the great equalizer, fueling business growth and innovation, and that’s certainly true here in Alberta. Almost anyone, anywhere, can start a business with nothing more than an internet connection and a laptop. But that same technology has also shown us repeatedly the risk involved in having that ability – and Calgary organizations need strong IT security. Whether you’re just starting your business or you’re simply trying to keep up with the rapidly changing business environment, the investment you make in IT security should be as high a priority as obtaining your next customer.

Dentists Need Strong IT Security

Dental practices are automating services – from payments to scheduling to patient charts – and the security required to protect the data and the gateways that allow access to the data is significant. Dental practices need strong IT security, as they are among those small businesses at which 43% of all cyber-attacks are aimed. And because dental practices and other healthcare facilities have special regulatory compliance requirements to protect patient data, IT security is more important than ever.

Lawyers Need Strong IT Security

From assessing the stability of your IT infrastructure to ensuring that client files and data are secure, attorney firms and solo practice lawyers need strong IT security to prevent theft of proprietary and confidential information. In a law office, everything is confidential; therefore, everything is at risk – from privileged client information to trade secrets to litigation tactics. Hackers are always looking for information they can exploit or sell.

Oil and Gas Companies Need Strong IT Security

In recent months, there have been a growing number of reports about hackers trying to penetrate the energy sector. The vulnerability of the energy industry goes beyond simply losing clients or disrupting business; cyber-attacks could wreak havoc on entire communities and threaten the safety of individuals. The need for IT security in the energy industry cannot be overstated.

Small Businesses Need Strong IT Security

Small businesses don’t have the budget to have an in-house IT staff, but SMEs face as much risk as larger corporations. The only way to level the playing field is to implement strong IT security. Luckily, managed services do level the playing field for small businesses in Canada, offering them access to competitive levels of expertise and security.

Whether you are a healthcare firm, an oil and gas company, a legal firm, or in one of the many other industries The ITeam supports, such as construction and accounting, Calgary organizations need strong IT security. The ITeam understands the IT security issues facing Canada businesses. We are committed to helping Calgary- and Alberta-based businesses develop proactive, cost-effective IT strategies that minimize risk and maximize efficiency. Contact us to learn more.