Dental IT Services in Calgary

Managed IT services CalgaryDr. Darrel Kemp of Kemp Orthodontics, a successful orthodontist for more than 17 years, has seen technology transform his industry from X-ray film and paper files to digitizing everything.

Five years ago, he migrated from an outdated UNIX®-based practice management system to a Microsoft® Windows® platform using an HP Server and HP PCs. Recently, a planned upgrade to his practice management software necessitated a hardware refresh. Guiding Dr. Kemp every step of the way was HP Preferred Partner The ITeam.

Having served Dr. Kemp since the original migration five years ago, The ITeam brought technical expertise and a deep understanding of the doctor’s technology needs.

If the system went down, the office would be chaotic. I rely on The ITeam to develop and maintain our powerful, reliable HP practice management platform.“—Dr. Darrel Kemp, owner, Kemp Orthodontics, Calgary, Alberta, Canada